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Has anyone tried Boswellia for UC or Crohn's?

I am thinking about trying Boswellia for my UC. I just got over a huge flare and want to try to use a natural anti-inflammatory herb to try and taper off of my Rowasa enemas. I have heard that Boswellia works well, but wanted to see if anyone else has had success with it. I am losing a lot of hair from the meds., and want to try and find a natural supplement to help. Thanks!!!
I was first diagnosed with crohns in 1997. There is no magic bullet that works for everyone as we all know. I am also not much into herbal "cures" but from a search of university studies boswellia came up a number of times. During a fairly "calm" period I started to take 1200 mg of boswellia per day. It has been of great help. I still watch my diet and listen closely to my gut but it has been a life changer for me. I have no brand to recommend and no connection to the suppliment industry. It is not expensive and definately worth a try. All the best.