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Has anyone tried LDN while on Humira

I am looking to try LDN, but I need to know if I can do so while I'm on Humira. I am afraid the two might work against each other. Has anyone tried this?


Not sure about this personally, but I'm tagging Jmrogers4 -- Jacqui, was Jack ever on Remi and LDN at the same time?
Yep, we started Remi/LDN but dropped the LDN fairly quickly not because it caused issues, just because he's a teenage and one less med I have to worry about means one less chance of non-compliance. His GI had no issue with being on the two.
Thanks for the reply.

Since Humira is in the same family as Remicade, I would think the combination would be OK.

I'm on Humira and am showing signs of a reaction to it, rash, joint pain. I'm looking to try something else. LDN looks good because of the low incidence of side effects.


I'm on LDN and Remicade, same family. GI is fine with it. The Penn State trial investigators were ok with patients on both a biologic and LDN. Generally an immunosuppressant is not a good idea with LDN but it soars to be the case more so with drugs like prednisone.


Good luck Mark! Keep in mind that while LDN does work for some folks, it's definitely a slow process -- if improvements occur, they will happen VERY gradually. Be patient with it. In the meantime, I hope that the Humira continues to work and the reaction symptoms are just a fluke. Keep us posted.
My Dr wanted to start me in Humira and I didn't like all those side effects. I started LDN 2 months ago and I feel great
Well since I posted last, I switched to Cimzia. I didn't do so well. I asked my GInto put me on LDN. I gave him articles about some of the studies. He agreed that the studies looked good. He even knew the main doctor. He called her, "a good doctor and a good scientist." He then refused to prescribe the LDN because it is not an "approved" treatment. He wants to switch me over to Entivio.

Not what I was looking for.