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Has anyone used Prometheus test to assess anti-TNF immunogenicity risk?

RiskImmune™ is a laboratory-developed test that may help identify patients at greater risk of anti-TNF antibody (ADAb) formation and could aid your therapeutic decision making.



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I have not had it, but I do know from earlier work that I do not carry the HLADQA1*05 allele, and hence I am not at increased risk.

This is a clever approach. The test is a simple genetic test to see if you carry a certain HLA gene that is associated (for unknown reasons) with increased risk of developing antibodies to anti-TNF drugs. The HLA genes are the same genes involved in recognizing foreign human cells and hence transplanted organ rejection. If you have ever been "tissue-typed" for transplantation purposes you can check the results of that to see if you carry the HLADQA1*05 gene.

This Prometheus test is merely a mini-tissue typing test to get a yes or no answer on whether you carry that one special HLA gene.