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Has anyone who failed biologics went on to Imuran with success?

I had initial response to Remicade with Methotrexate but then lost response after a few months. Humira only worked on my extra intestinal symptoms and not my bowel. I recently got out of the hospital and was on IV steroids, now oral, and currently on TPN. I've been on Imuran for about 7 weeks now.

My GI consulted with a top doctor in Chicago who thinks I won't respond to Imuran and need to get on Entyvio. Actually though, in February when I first saw my GI, they originally said Imuran was the next best choice, but again Entyvio wasn't out yet. I wanted to wait to see if Imuran would work alone, my GI wants me to add Entyvio. From what I've read, I don't think there are any studies on Enytyvio in combination with an immune suppressant, so I'm not really comfortable taking it in conjunction with it. Also, even if I took it alone, they said they aren't certain it will help with the arthritis, which is actually more debilitating than the colitis. So, I'm not quite sold on it. It seems like it is relatively safe in comparison to other drugs, but it's also new, and it takes a long time to work, same with Imuran which I've already invested a lot of time in.
One biologic failed for my daughter (Remicade) and I don't think Humira is actually doing anything but the doc doesn't want her to drop it yet until she achieves remission.

She started Imuran in June and after about 6 weeks started to show some improvement. No changes since then (on it for 8 weeks). In my opinion you haven't given Imuran much time to work. We gave methotrexate a year and combo of Humira and methotrexate 6 months before we gave up on the meds. Some meds can take up to 6-8 months. I would wait until you are at the 4-5 month mark to re asses if a med isn't working and move to something else.


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My daughter hasn't failed biologics (yet), but we have been talking about Stelara because it works both for Crohn's (off-label) and arthritis. My daughter has pretty bad arthritis and her rheumatologist is hopeful that Stelara might actually work for her.

She is currently on Remicade and Imuran (she's only been on Imuran for 2 months so far) and her GI symptoms seem to be slowly getting better.
Thanks SupportiveMom and Maya,

I agree, I would actually like to wait to see if the Imuran will work on it's own. It's kind of discouraging that my GI doesn't think it will, but I'm hopeful. I know it's usually said that Imuran can take 3-6 months, so I would like to wait and see.

Maya, is your daughter still on Sulfasalzine as well? I was on that but my rheumatologist took me off it when I started Imuran, and I didn't ask why.


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She is on Sulfasalazine, but I really don't think it's doing anything. Imuran apparently was used a lot for certain kinds of arthritis (I think Rheumatoid arthritis mostly) before biologics were available. It hasn't done anything yet for my daughter (for her joints I mean) but she hasn't been on it very long.
Octobergirl (my dear one)

You have said the magic word for all of us with IBD ---- "hopeful".

From your lips to God's ears. Thanks for reminding me, and may those little yellow Imuran tabs do the trick for you.