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Has Humira Run Its Course?

Hey Everyone,

I know its been a while since I posted last, but up until recently, I have been doing well (Crohn's wise). Since last week, I have been having some pretty bad symptoms. For example, I have been having at least two bowel movements in one day, but with the trip to the bathroom, I have been dealing with painful cramps immedaitly after. When I get bad like this, I usually stick to the BRAT diet and Ensure to get a few more vitimins and protein. Medicine wise, I am just on Humira. I have aslo been pretty tired latley as well and not just becasue my work is very physical, but that does not help. I am also pretty sure that I have lost some weight as well. But what is crazy is that I will feel bad for a few days, then I will feel great for a few days. On the days I feel good, I am able to eat "normal' food again.

To make matters more frustrating, I found out a few weeks ago that my Crohn's doctor (whom I really liked) recently retired rather abruptly. He had his own health issues including cancer and neck problems, so he had a lot of compassion for us. So in the meantime, I am doctor-less. I do have a schedued appointment on May 19th, but that is like a month away and I hope I can make it that long.

So, I am wondering if my Humira has run its course (I have been on it for 5 years now), or if something else is going on. The injections do help, but it seems like they are not lasting as long as they used to.

Any :sign0085: out there??


my little penguin

Staff member
Ds has had to increase his humira
First to every 10 days
Then every 7
Now every 5 days so there is room to go up on the med

Good luck