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Has remicade helped with seton drainage?

Hi, following it being laid open my perianal fistula came back with vengeance! And began leaking pus :hallo3: 2 months ago I had a draining seton and started remicade. I'm hoping this will stop the pus so i can have the damn seton out!

I know remicade can work wonders in healing fistulas, but first mine needs to stop leaking.

How long did it take others on similar treatment for your fistula to stop draining?


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I see you requested additional support. So sorry you haven't had any replies yet. :(

I don't have any experience myself so I'm going to tag a few people in hopes that one of them may be able to help. Absentminded, xX_LittleMissValentine_Xx, DustyKat, PsychoJane, Pointy_ears

Maybe this older thread might help: http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=22501

I hope you heal up quickly. Keep us posted. :ghug:


I'm starting Remicade and have a lot of drainage from my seton. I can't answer yet but can update you once I see what's going on. The goal is to clear the fistula so in principle it would seem it would reduce the drainage too?
Thanks for your help Jennifer the old thread was helpful. Nogutsnoglory, I think you're right; my surgeon postponed removing the seton because it was still draining. I have had 3 infusions and it still drains the same. I wondered if anyone has had a seton removed whilst there was still slight drainage still?
Hi, I haven't had a seton, but I would imagine it would not be removed whilst there is still drainage.

I also had problems with fistulas but luckily for me I had surgery to lay open the fistula which was successful. Once that had healed I was able to start Remicade and I have had six infusions and so far so good.

Good luck with everything I hope it wont be draining for too much longer!