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Have any of you experienced this?

I'm still going through testing but my new GI doctor this Crohn's is a possiblity. She has given me Percocet 10-650 for the pain. When I take it, which isn't often, it really slows my diarrhea from 3-7 times a day to 1-2 times a day but once the pill wears off I get a lot of pain, almost like a rebound pain. It seems to slow the diarrhea for a day but then I deal with more pain while the diarrhea is less. Do any of you experience this? It seems like I have to trade pain for pain. Does that make sense?
I haven't had this experience. I know how it is a relief though that something FINALLY stops the diarrhea! Pain meds always slow my bowels down.

I hope someone else can give you some better insight!
Narcotics are known to constipate a person with healthy bowels, so yeah, it's great for slowing down the diarrhea.
I have had the same thing - percocet and Tylenol 3) worked very well for me by slowing my bowels and killing the pain I had. At the time, it was the best I felt for over a year. Didn't last though, and I had to go back to high frequency diarrhea and pain.
I know it sounds wierd but after the narcotic wears off, the pain feels worse the next day and it seams like I have to be constantly drugged. It seems like the pain is worse for that short time of less bowel movements. Does that make sense or is that just my imagination?


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It makes sense to me. I always thought that when I get pain relief my body is so relaxed finally then the pain pills would wear off My body wouldn't be prepared and it's like bam! I just tense up and it's starts all over again. I know pain pills really make you constipated. Lol but sometimes that was a good thing for me..


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I'm gonna go way out on a limb here. But, first off, pain killers do absolutely nothing to the source of the pain, they just block you from feeling it (which is an absolute neccessity at times)... However, the source of the pain is still there. Meantime, perhaps (or at least this is the gossip I've heard about painkillers) they have drugged/slowed the musculature in the GI tract so that things have slowed to a crawl. That means you are building up in spots where you have massive inflammation, scarring, etc.. All that extra material is now in places where normally things have passed thru in a hurry, and not put any strain, pressure, what have you, on these problem areas. Then, the drug wears off. Can you say 'Ouch"? (it's funnier if you pronounce it O'Shit).
Can you see the beginnings of a never ending viscious cycle? You take pain meds, they work wonders while they last; then the pain all comes back, only worse, when they wear off... So, you take more, and then more... Well, you can see where I'm going with this.

I used to live... literally count the seconds.. from dose to dose of my pain meds. Almost got into trouble with them. Sometimes, feeling the pain is a better way to go. Sometimes...
I totally dig your analogy, Kev. Cortisol enemas slowed down my bowels, but the ending (ha!) result was more painful that just dealing with the raging rhoids of diarrhea.
That makes so much sense! Thanks. I am really trying to limit the painkillers to the times when it is just unbearable because sometimes the "rebound" isnt worth it.