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Have people experienced IBD and IBS?

I've had Crohn's for over 10 years.
In the last 4 years I've been having a lot of episodes of chronic diarrhoea, fatigue and abdominal pain.
These can last 3 or 4 weeks. I always believed this this was due to my CD getting worse.
Yet blood test results and a recent colonoscopy suggest there is little/no inflammation.

This has led consultants to tell me I must be having "a bit of IBS".
I found this hard to believe as they talk about IBS like it's no big deal,
but these episodes make me very unwell. I can't leave the house.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I don't know whether to think doctors are saying this as they can't explain what is happening.
My life is massively affected, I'm concerned I'm going to lose my job.
I have had no luck taking Buscopan, I have been told Amitriptyline can treat IBS.
Has anyone else with IBD-IBS found anything helpful?
I have had Crohns for twenty six years now. Last year, I was having symptoms. I had an enterography and they said I had ibs. I kept having symptoms and they found that the Crohns Disease was active. I would ask them to test you again. You could have ibs. I don't know. When they thought I had ibs on top of Crohns, they have me levsin to help with the symptoms. Sending support.


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Hello and welcome.I also have had crohns for ten years,crohns colitis now,originally diagnosed with Proctitis.I am convinced I also have IBS.I am never truly well.I always have one digestive problem or another.Unless I'm in an actual flare,I tend to cope on my own,although I am very aware of how far to let things go before I seek help.I have a repeat script for loperamide,which slows my digestion but I'm careful not to take too many so as not to cause a blockage.I also take a low dose of Amitriptilyne to work with Tramadol prescribed for chronic lower back pain.Not sure if Ami.is helping with the pain,but I have slept really well since I've been taking it.(12 months) we have an Amitriptilyne thread which may be of help to you. I hope you find something that helps and that you feel better soon.
Crohn's, a relatively rare condition, can definitely coexist with IBS, a common condition. Sometimes it's hard to tell the symptoms apart, but for that there are tests.