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Have prednisone acne? My teen found a great solution!

For those that have caught my other threads you know my teem has been on prednisone for mostly 3 years. When she was 11 it didn't bother her but now as a 14 year old girl in high school it is taking its toll on her self esteem.

She found a solution that is homemade that has almost taken care of all her acne. It isn't a medication ( been there done that) either!

She mixes cinnamon & honey and forms a paste. She takes a butter knife and coats her cheeks and forehead with the mix. Then she takes cotton strips and places them over the mix on her face.

She waits a few minutes for it to dry and then pulls the cotton strip & mix off & it pulls her blackheads right out! Far cheaper and more effective then those strips advertised. After 4 days its like a new teen!

Thought i'd share the tip.
Wow that's awesome. Might be something I have to try. All the OTC stuff is doing nothing and I'm trying to avoid antibiotics and the issues those can cause.