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Have you ever?

Have you ever just had one of those "bad runs of luck"? It's not a world changing deal with me right now just frustrating. I've been depressed from living at home, can't seem to get answers on my IVIG stuff, I've been slacking on responding to people in general about things because I've just had my brain being all scattered about, now my damn USB flash drive took a shit, and I seemed to have lost another micro flash drive that came with my cell 3g adapter (which it doesn't need, it was just nice to have) .. and speaking of losing things or breaking things. Ever since I moved into my parents all sorts of stuff has come up missing/lost and it's just irritating because unemployment doesn't exactly pay a lot so I can't be replacing all this shit all the time and that's even more frustrating ugh lol.

Thanks for reading, just had to do a brain dump to get it out of my head so I don't go nuts.


Punctuation Impaired
For me, there is nothing worse than losing something that is not easily replaceable. A battery charger for a camera, or the owners manual for some crazy gadget!!FRUSTRATION...I'm not at home, I'm in a house full of kids who like to ran sack drawers etc...:sorry: You have my sympathy
Thanks, it's all pretty silly in reality just one of those frustrating moments that if I don't get it out will bug the shit out of me lol.
It's always when you don't have the means to replace something that you lose it. I understand fully. I have lost a few things as well that I will now have to replace but being on unemployment myself (and having not received a check yet too) I can't afford to replace them either. And of course, I now have work on my car I will have to do soon, but again no money. Oh well. I guess that's just how it goes. hehe :)