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Haven’t been here in a while, gotten control of my disease with cannabis oil and testosterone injections

I was diagnosed around 5 years ago. Upon initial diagnosis I was put on prednisone and sulfasalazine. Then switched to 6-mp, then was supposed to be put on humira. Upon investigating humira, I decided I was done with my GI doc and went a quest for remission through my own research and trial and error with my body.

Cannabis oil (in extremely high doses of 50/50 thc to cbd) put me mostly in remission, but I was still having some issues and I couldn’t get my weight back. I had some muscle atrophy from where I had been bed ridden and it seemed like those muscles would be dormant forever. I had more of an appetite again but I still wasn’t gaining weight. After doing some extensive research, one thing I kept coming back to was basically if you can’t gain healthy muscle weight no matter what you eat, your hormones are most likely messed up. Got a test done and found that estrogen and testosterone levels were way lower than they should be. Test levels were that of a 45 y/o woman and I’m a 31 year old male.

After starting TRT, I have gained 30lns of muscle, my arthritis has gone from excruciating to manageable, my sleep has improved drastically, and I think the weirdest thing that’s happened, I stopped being lactose intolerant🤷‍♂️. Just wanted to share my experience as I believe whole heartedly that men with Crohn’s should definitely look into trt. And everybody with Crohn’s should look into cannabis oil. And I hear a lot of people saying weed didn’t work for them and so on. I don’t smoke weed or anything else. Smoking weed can help with short term symptoms like pain and nausea. High doses of full spectrum oil with cbd and thc absolutely does more than help pain. I have literally watched internal bleeding stop(looking at my poop) from cannabis oil and I’ve had 3 colonoscopies since I began using the cannabis oil, one since trt, and my guts show no sign of Crohn’s other than a bit of scar tissue most likely from my flare that caused my diagnosis. And even that seems to have lessened.
This is the study I found that led me to trt.

Hi I am just wondering which part of your digestive system have you got crohns. Also where’s the best place to source or get advice for cbd oil. I am wondering if their is professional advice for CBD oil for crohns sufferers. Also are you taking any other medications at all. Thanks