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Having issues with juicing and acidity level -- Any advice much appreciated!

So, I started juicing about a week ago. I did lots of research and decided to mostly juice carrots, since I am in an incontrollable flare for over two years now. Overall, the juice makes me feel better, strength, energy, mental clarity, etc.. but it is wreaking havoc on my digestive system. I started with a lot of carrots, and a little lemon and apple for flavor. Ran out of carrots so attempted a green juice (Kale, spinach, cucumber, etc)... it made me feel like i was in active labor for two days, contractions and horrible diarrhea every 2-3 minutes.

And since I am doing a strict juice fast, and not eating any bread or crackers (which is what I normally live on)... the amount of acid in every inch of my digestive system, feels like everything from esophagus to rectum is on fire.

Decided to continue with only one plain carrot juice a day, with a cracker twice daily when I take my meds, seeing a dietician Monday. If anyone has any helpful advice on different juices to try or any suggestions that I should bring up when seeing the dietician would be vastly appreciated!

Also just want to thank those that make the juicing section so informative, and supportive. You guys are amazing! Thanks!

Heyya :)

That sounds pretty horrendous.

My only thought is that carrot/apple is super sugary. Although kale/spinach/cucumber wouldn't really be so I don't know what the connection there might be. I suppose if you're in a flare things that are easily digested are best so perhaps that's why the sugary option is better?

I assume the kale wasn't boiled first? Kale is very, very high in oxalic acid which causes all sorts of issues in the body. I really can't think of any other reason the juice from those things would be an issue short of some sort of bacterial contamination.

Those are my best mad scientist ideas. Hope the dietician can help! Good luck.