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Having trouble with stoma

Hi .. I am based in India.. I am having all the possible trouble with my retracted stoma as you guys have mentioned in your posts.. it is bit retracted. the skin bends inwards and the periphery has ridges due to stitching. it s one month old stoma.. how long does it take to settle? what kind of sealing mechanism is best? pest or rings? will these suppliers mentioned by you give the samples in India? any advise, suggestions and tips will be very helpful guys. I am having tough time dealing with the skin irritations since the anesthesia and the pain killers are off. thanks in advance. I am currently using sur fit two piece pouching system as advised by my surgeon. this includes sticking a plate around stoma with perfect cut using adhesive, filling the gaps with coloplast paste and putting a bag on it, and using paper tape to firm the plate to skin..

thanks in advance guys!


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Hi and welcome.

Your stoma will probably take at least 6 months th settle. The system you have now may not work for you by the time the stoma settles. Get lots of free samples.
I use eakin seals and love them. Many here use paste and are quite satisfied.
thanks Dave!.. I am just searching frantically for options and suppliers in India. Ithis damn thing has irritated me enough and I am going to take control of this situation. just have established contact with convatec guys, and they have assured me a thoro support. their representative will visit me and show out the various products and help me select the best fit for me. determined to solve this.


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That is very good.
Do you have access to a stoma nurse? They are (in my opinion) vital in the first year.