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Headaches with Crohn’s


I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s for just less than a year. Still battling to get it fully under control, currently taking Adalimumab and Pentasa.

One of my worst symptoms when having a flare is headaches in the front of my head. The headaches never stop until my flare is back under control. So I can be left with a headache lasting weeks.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this ? And if they have any advise for treating the headaches. I have tried the usually other the counter medicines.
Thank you so much!
Oh man i get migraines but at least as bad as they are they come and go and aren’t constant. I don’t take any meds for the pain but i do use some holistic therapies. Cbd oil and/or thc. Acupressure mat. They sell them on amazon. Also cupping has been amazing help. I get my husband to do it. Bought a book and set of cups and they really help with pain. Peppermint oil in temples and back of the neck. Lots and lots of water. Good luck and hope you feel better.