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healing leaky gut

intro post -- actionable items to be added later today

reversing autoimmunes and many other diseases should be done with two things in mind - correcting gut dysbiosis (bad mix of gut bacteria) and healing leaky gut. this thread is about leaky gut.

the great majority of chronic diseases include leaky gut, aka intestinal permeability as a causal factor. our diets/lifestyle can/do harm our gut liner. when the gut liner loses it's integrity it allows bad stuff into our bloodstream -- food particles, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. THE BLOOD IS SACRED to the body. it does what it has to to rid the blood of these invaders. namely, it sends defenders to surround/neutralize the threats. these globs are called 'circluating immune complexes'.

now what to do with these cic? the body must remove these to keep the blood clean. where does it stash them? in fibroymyalgia it stashes them in the muscles. in RA it stashes them in the joints. you see where i'm going? the main difference in types of autoimmunes is where the body decides to stash the cic.

this is GREAT news. it relieves us of digging into all of the minute differences between the various diagnosis -- practically all autoimmunes and many other diseases share the same cause and the same remedies.
the most mentioned supplement to aid in leaky gut repair is l-glutamine. a moderate dose would be one gram in the morning, one gram later in the day.

also good are the connective tissue supplements -- bone broth, collagen (esp type 2), gelatin, glucosamine, msm, etc

two more -- inulin and resveratrol. these two have been proven in trials and studies.

i've also heard that aloe vera juice and slippery elm are effective.

some of these form a soothing gel in the gut - which seems ideal for nourishing the gut liner and possibly tamping down symptoms

also, must have plenty of vitamin c for these to work -- it's a key cog in the process.

i take most of these daily and they did make my leaky gut disappear, along with the autoimmunes. food sensitivities may preclude you from taking some of these - and that's no problem. taking them all might be overkill.

before i found this board i was neck deep in connective tissue research. my goal with that is to help people reverse osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions re connective tissue. at this point in my research it looks like glycine is THE key player in c-tissue degeneration and repair.
gelatin is the best source of glycine that i've found because it includes lysine and proline - all three are necessary for c-tissue repair. the effective dose is 10-15 grams (2 or 2.5 tablespoons) of gelatin per day, in divided doses. i use knox brand gelatin, mix it with whatever you are drinking. if hot drink, it will dissolve/disappear. if cold drink, it will form little bits of gel in the drink. i do both.

connective tissue is all over our bodies -- organ liners, joints, heart valves, much more. treating the body for leaky gut will yield other side benefits

last word - if you down this path, be patient. it takes several weeks to start seeing benefits
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our best friend, bacillus coagulans does REMARKABLE work in a mouse model. see the bold statement -- completely restored the villus height and crypt depth! the villus are like little fingers.

ot, but related -- at the tips of the villi is where the biochem that breaks down lactose is located. damage these and you become lactose intolerant. the most common way to damage them is eating gluten/similar things in breadstuffs. this study shows what i've seen in real life. family member reversed her lactose intolerance by dumping the bread and going on gut health/leaky gut protocols.

Bacillus coagulans has a potential role in improving intestinal injury. However, the specific mechanism is still unclear. In this study, the protective effect of B. coagulans MZY531 on intestinal mucosa injury in cyclophosphamide (CYP)-induced immunosuppressed mice were investigated. The results indicated that the immune organ (thymus and spleen) indices of B. coagulans MZY531 treatment groups were significantly increased compared to the CYP group. B. coagulans MZY531 administration promotes the expression of immune proteins (IgA, IgE, IgG, and IgM). B. coagulans MZY531 could upregulate the ileum levels of IFN-γ, IL-2, IL-4, and IL-10 in immunosuppressed mice.

Moreover, B. coagulans MZY531 restores the villus height and crypt depth of the jejunum and alleviates injury of intestinal endothelial cells caused by CYP. Furthermore, the western blotting results showed that B. coagulans MZY531 ameliorated CYP-induced intestinal mucosal injury and inflammatory via up-regulates the ZO-1 pathway and down-regulates the expression of the TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB pathway. After treatment with B. coagulans MZY531, the relative abundance of Firmicutes phylum was dramatically increased, as well as the genera of Prevotella and Bifidobacterium, and reducing harmful bacteria. These findings suggested that B. coagulans MZY531 has a potential immunomodulatory activity on chemotherapy-induced immunosuppression.
leaky gut test predicts crohns return. shameful that this was known in 1993, but ignored in the medical industry then and now. patch those holes with leaky gut repair protocols!

These results show that increases in intestinal permeability precede clinical relapses in Crohn's disease and so are an indicator of subclinical disease.