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Hi everyone,

I’m finding lately my anxiety is so high, with getting extra blood work from the hemotologist has sent me into panic mode.
does anyone struggle with taking care of their general health while handling crohns? This is something I really struggle with especially since becoming a mom, one of my goals for 2022 is to improve that.
... raises hand

I really wish i had sage words of advice

I've get results for hemoglobin/hemocrit and a few other markers that just absolutely make no sense in a crohns patient
... and a buncha anomolies as well

Truly sucks to not know what they mean!

I've become a bit needle shy over it
... if theyd just take the time to explain what they mean, things would become much more comfortable

I get you on the anxiety thing
... it's really become a problem for me (at times) recently

About the only thing that's been working for me is to try and live in the here and now
You've got a beautiful baby
... that im sure comes with its own challenges ...

But, wow, what a cool oprotunity to experience all the new things that babies do
Live thru their eyes and experience all the wonder of the world

If your child has a good day, so will you! :)