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Anyone have really bad heartburn? Lately I have had the WORST heartburn. In the past I have had this but not for years. I have tried all the over the counter stuff and nothing really works for long. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will have to ask the doctor for something stronger I guess. Burp..burn..belch...


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Zantac seems to be the only thing that'll work for me. 150mg pills.
Good luck!
I've had this at times in the past. I have a prescription for stuff called Ranitidine, which is a bit stronger than over-the-counter stuff like Zantac (never sure how these names translate between UK and US). I don't have to take these all the time, just when it strikes. Nowadays I tend to pop a pill when I feel it coming on, rather than wait until it gets really bad... and it can get really bad!
The big question is why is it happening. I find it can be related to what I've eaten, but I'm much more careful about what I eat now, so it rarely happens.
However, I've also found it can be set off by stress... that usually means work-related. I've got much less control over that than I have over my diet, but I always keep the pills with me.
Hope that helps

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Nexium for me, the cause...medications can cause this as well as an abundance of bacteria and vomiting. Steriods are the worse culprit. Taking Nexium (the purple pill) helps to combat bile acid and heals the stomach, or like me you could end up with a Hiatus Hernia... isnt Crohns grand???
Could very well be an H-Pylori infection. You can try Mastic Gum. If it helps, then you know what you have.

Tried most of the ones you guys listed except the Mastic Gum...
Yes, I had a scope and the esophogus looks fine he tells me ..arg...
I don't think he did - just the scope up the other end to confirm the Crohns had come back after my surgery in '98...I'm gonna have to go back to see him as I can't stand the heartburn and have to sleep sitting up it is so bad..
Hi there! I take Nexium, one purple pill a day. It really works well. I have severe acid reflux and associated heartburn. Sometimes, my throat burns because my saliva is so acidic. I also have recently had major dental problems because of the acid. Nexium can be a bit pricey (I pay $50 with insurance) but it's truly a miracle for me!
I take Protonix. I used to take Prilosec, one in the am and one in the pm, but it stopped working for me. I had a gastro endoscopy done in Feb '09 but they said I don't have GERD so I have no idea what causes mine.

Lately I don't feel the burn but I do feel like I"m all backed up and can practically feel the food in my throat if that makes any sense at all.

Heartburn sucks, I hope you find a cure for it soon!