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im a 18 years old from israel.
i have a crohn since im 12 i got sterodis for like 2 monts and imoran for 1 year and im not on mediciations any more .
the crohn didnt attack me again and im feeling fine but my problem is my height i understand that people with crohn and people who took steroids could have a height problems.
is there is something i can do to take the height the crohn and the streoids took me? im 1/65 and my 14 years old brother is 1/84 so its got to be it ..
thank you all and im sorry about my bad english!
From what we've been told is a lot of kids with Crohn's will keep growing past when most others would stop so even though you are 18 you could have several more years of catch up growth. We visited with an endocrinologist and had a x-ray of my son's hand to see what his bone age is, have not gotten the results back but even though he is 14 his bone age may be 12 so would have 2 extra years of growth so even though you are 18 your bone age may be 16 or younger and you would have a few more years to grow. Does that make sense?
Also if your Crohn's is not under control and you have ongoing inflammation that could also effect your growth.
i check my bony age when i was 16 and it was 16 so ..:/
and my crohn in under control im not taking any medications and im eating everything so the crohn doesnt affect my life in any way for right now and for the last 5 years.
1.65 is a nice height, you're taller than everyone in China. Don't let something silly like that get you down, it would be a very boring world if everyone was the same. It;s good that your crohn's disease is under control. Your English is really good.
What is your BMI (body mass index) percentage? If you are malnourished you will be unable to grow. When my son was diagnosed lack of weight gain and growth were the only symptoms. Mild to moderate crohn's won't keep you from growing unless it is because your body is not getting the calories and nourishment it needs to grow.
Wigan, UK.
I was tall as a child and then fell behind from 14-18 when I was on and off steroids. I carried on growing then until I was about 25 and I'm now 6ft 3inch (1.91m).

Don't worry, you'll catch up.