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Hello all

Hello. I'm new.. I could defiantly use someone to talk to for sure. I feel as though Crohn's is such a hard thing to discuss.. Even with those closest to me.. It's one of those things that people don't really want to hear about.. But it's troublesome. I think it will be nice just to have others who understand what I'm going through.

The only thing that's been on my mind lately is "this hurts.. This really hurts" and I've just been getting annoyed with how debilitating it is. I'm in college and I am getting so ticked off every time I have to leave class to go to the bathroom for 15 minutes. I was diagnosed last year and am currently in the process of finding a new doctor.

Anyway, I just thought I would vent a little to those who understand. It's hard keeping it all to yourself..
Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to vent away. We definitely understand the pain and difficulty of this disease. You can talk to us about poop, pain, intestines and all the other unpleasant things that you don't feel comfortable talking about to those other people who can digest food with no problems! I would definitely recommend finding a good GI doctor. One who will listen to you and help you find a treatment to get you well. There are several medications out there that people have had success in getting them into remission. Make sure you take care of yourself, eat well and try not to let the stress get to you(this can really cause the Crohn's to go crazy). Don't hesitate to post with any questions you have or venting that you need to do.