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Hello everyone

My turn to say hi!

Im 33 years old. I have been living with the Crohn disease for over 13 years. I went through surgery 4 years ago. They removed part of my small intestine and my colon. Total: 18 cm. I have been GREAT until 4 months ago.

Now it's the downfall again. I can't have one day without pain. My Crohn is out of control. Last month, I had an allergic reaction to Imuran. Now Im on prednisone and waiting for my first treatment of Remicade.

I'm having a hard time accepting this come back. Im frustrated but can't really tell anyone. That's why I'm joining you. You guys understand how it feels like.

Hope to talk you soon.
Hello Nemesia and welcome to the forum...:)
You found a great resource here. I am really sorry to hear about your flare up returning.
I don't think any of us accepts this thing easily.
Are there any people who know about your health condition?
Take care.
Hi Nemesia, glad you joined as we'll all listen and even try to help!! It sounds like you need your meds looked at to help get you back on track, have you had any recent tests to find out where the crohn's is back to and what extent? Hope you feel better soon.
Hi Del,

Thank you for your welcome message!

Most people know about my Crohn. I don't hide the fact that I have Crohn. I raised money every year for research. It's not shameful or embarrassing at all.

But people expect me to be strong and positive so it is hard to talk to someone about it.

It's just hard to keep my poker face on these days...

Certainly lots of understanding here...for sure..
I have never been on Remicade..so no idea about it, but here are quite a lot of threads about it here.....
Can be difficult been strong on the outside all the time Nemesia...:)
I hope the Remicade works speedily for you
Hi Archie,

Thank you for your message!

Yep, I just went through a battery of tests. My Crohn is continuing its damages. It wasn't a surprise! I can feel it! Surgery soon if they don't control it.

They put me on Imuran and prednisone but i got an allergic reaction to Imuran. Now I'm on prednisone waiting for my first infusion of Remicade. I cross my fingers it's going to work.

Thanks Del!
I'm glad I found this forum! :)
I'm sure I can help too as I'm not knew with the disease.
I'm getting ready to work. Have yourself a great day!


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Welcome, Nemesia! I am sorry your Crohn's is acting up again after 4 blissful years. I sure hope Remicade will help get things under control soon. I suggest checking out the Remicade subform. I bet you'll find it very helpful.

Hang in there!
Sorry to hear that things are getting rough again for you. Vent away on here! I understand having to be the brave one. That is who I am in my family too. :) Good luck with everything.
Welcome Nemesia!

So sorry to hear your going through a horrible flareup. I cant say ive ever been on remicade, but prednisone does work ok for me :)
Thank you!

Thank you so much! You guys are very welcoming.

I found useful information about Remicade on this site. It is a little scary but I feel more prepared for my first treatment.

The nurse emailed me yesterday and it will be in the next two weeks. I can't wait. Yesterday what pretty awful. I started early on painkillers and the pain didn't let go until late last night. I'm scared to have breakfast this morning...

My prednisone went down from 30mg to 25mg on Monday. I wonder if it linked.... For 5mg?