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Hello im new

hello im new

hi i am new to this site,so here goes....
since march this year ive had gripping pain in my tummy,diarhea,really weird LOUD growling noises in my tummy,night and day sweats..

ive had a colonoscopy,in which they saw red inflamed mucosa in my terminal ileum..it looked weird..like red measles...they took biopsies which came back inconclusive!??!!..although the nurse that did the colonoscopy was the crohns nurse and she said she thinks it crohns..and gave me a load of paperwork on IBD????
then a barium follow thru which was normal....:ywow:

ive lost 16 pounds in weight,???...
my bloods and stools were normal???weird!!

im having a endoscopy next week..
it just feels odd,as this week,the diarhea isnt so bad.just soft poo,but with jelly stuff??.but the pain is the same..
im so tired..which i hate as im usually really hyper and can out play my 2 children!!! heehee...
i just hope they find out whats actually wrong so i can feel normal again??
anyways...thats me......
love n light


To save time...Ask Dusty!
Hi Zoe, Welcome to the forum!! It's a very common story on here. They think it's crohns but... User SilverMoon has described the jelly (mucous) before as your guts way of trying to shed the irritant. There are many much more knowledgeable people on here who will be glad to help you. Good luck and stick around. This is a great site!!!


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Hi Zoe, :bigwave:

Me again! Hope all goes well with your Endoscopy next week........


BTW, normal test results aren't unusual for loads of people here. Welcome aboard!

Take care,
aww thankyou guys!!
its so refreshing to talk to people that know exactly what i mean..
ive read on here people with certain foods which make it worse..for me its just all food..in general...but 2 weeks ago i had some wine and blue wicked at my sisters house(it was her birthday)...and i spent a whole 2 days on the loo!!!..and ive poo'ed my self so many times!!..mostly in bed asleep!!! not nice!!
so now if my friends ask me out for a meal or anything i just dont want to go!..well,actually i do want to go...but know i would regret it after!!???
also,..my temperature keeps going up~~~then down..when its up i sweat like a man!!..and i mean my whole body burns??

does anyone get this??
love n light
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Hi Zoe
and welcome fellow Brit

sorry you're a Crohnie, but hopefully now you know what you're dealing with. check out the low residue diet on the forum, this works by giving your bowels a rest, and you can still eat.
abstain from alcohol for a bit, it cripples me! the only one that doesn't is pure vodka! all the crap in wines and beers kills me for days!
see your doc about the raise in temp, could be a low grade fever,
have they given you any meds yet?
good luck with the endoscopy!
glad you found us, loads of friends on here for you
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Welcome to the forum and Welcome to Crohns. I coppied this from another post that I posted to a newbie earlier and I hope it helps. It is just a little advice.

The dr's can be very slow in diagnosing Crohns. For me it was almost 2 yrs. an extremely painful 2 yrs. but here is something you can do in the mean time that will help.

This is the only thing I can think of to compare the food thing to. It is like having food allergies. Everyone is different what you can eat I can't and what I can you can't it is different for everyone. Some foods can put you in a flare. Your immune system will see this certain food or foods and think it is an enemy it will then go into full defense mode and attack it causing a build up of white blood cells in your bowels. Which causes scar tissue. Which causes pain and lots of it. You should keep a journal. Every day write down what you eat, what meds you take(even over the counters like ibuprofin and such), what time you took them and yes the dreaded bowel movements. Take it to your dr. everytime you go. Then if you start having severe pains you can see what food caused and know not to eat it anymore EVER not even when you are feeling good. Keep lots of Ensure or Boost or a similar product available and liquids like Jello and Chicken broth. If you are having a flare ie.. lots of diareah and/or pain go to a liquid diet and let your bowels rest for a few days or until the pain diminishes.
hello and thankyou for the welcome!!

im not diagnosed as yet..as my biopsies came back inconclusive??..and my bloods were normal...
they game me loperemide(prob spelt wrong)it made my tummy hard bloated and tender..so stopped...ive had no other meds..

my temperature is crazy...up,down,up,down...
i will see my doc i think,but i hate bothering him,he makes me feel like a hypercondriact!!..:yfrown:

i love being on here..its good to chat!!!
thankyou for listening:Flower:love n light


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my temperature is crazy...up,down,up,down...
FWIW, Roo's temperature fluctuated prior to her diagnosis and treatment. The diary is a very good idea and also add into to it your pain - location, severity (on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest), describe what it is like (ache, stabbing, etc) and how long it lasts, does it stop you from doing anything (walking, standing up and so on). If you take analgesia to treat it remember to write down what works and what doesn't. Also when you take your temperature write it down and the time.

Bananas and homemade applesauce are supposed to help with diarrhoea, and are unlikely to make you feel bad. For pain relief, try paracetamol or cocodamol as, if it is IBD, ibuprofen can make it worse. Also cocodamol contains codeine, which has an added bonus of reducing diarrhoea.

While it may seem like all food makes you feel bad, definately try the food diary. Once you start eliminating things that obviously had an effect (like the alcohol) your symptoms might settle enough for you to spot other foods. In my case, I would have bloating and pains every evening. Once I realised that certain veggies and red meat were bothering me, my doc suggested going on a low residue diet, and since then there has been a definate gradual improvement.
ahhh yes!! i do get bloating in the evenings!!!..i will certainly try that then!!..i tried the dairy free diet as the doc requested,but that did nothing.
i havnt drank since the last episode at my sisters..im waay too scared!!,
thankyou for your fab advice
hey starla flower,welcome fellow crohner hee hee!!!!!i finally found ya been looking for bloody ages on ere!!what am i like this forum is great i can we can get alot of tips,im bloated and very very windy tonight lol!!!love you lots my ole bezzie fwend catch you on ere later xoxoxoox