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Hello all,

Like a lot of people, I have been lurking on the boards for a while. I decided I should stop lurking and hop into the water, so here I am.

I am a 36 year old male from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 1993. Up until that point, I had been steadily losing energy. Of course, I had been losing massive amounts of blood. I didn't want to tell anyone because well, it is pretty embarrassing for a guy (or anyone) to be pissing blood from his ass. I was 19. Yeah, it was rough. Finally, my mother(thanks mom) scooped me up and took me to the hospital. That was the first of many 3 nighters at the hospital. I couldn't walk so the staff wheeled me into the hospital. I had my first blood transfusion then, and have had many since. I am 6'1" and weighed 160 pounds. I was stick thin and everybody thought I was doing major drugs, lol! Finally, in Feb 2007, I had a resection. 8 damaged inches of intestine was removed. By Sept, I was back in the hospital for another 3 nighter and more blood transfusions. I started IV iron infusions last July. I started out with Venofer but had bad leg and body cramps. We tried the dexferrum but I had an anaphylactic issue and went back to the Venofer. So I get IV iron once a month now.

It seems like I have always had symptoms. Yes, there have been stretches of 2-3 months without any major issues, but I always seem to drop back into the Crohn Zone pretty quickly. My current flare started last October with bloody diarrhea and gurgling belly noises. Then came the pain. I thought it was Crohn's related. My Gastro ran most of the tests (C-scope, Barrium, CT, bloodwork,...) but couldn't find any issues. I still had major pain. My Gastro told me that he couldn't treat pain if he couldn't find a cause. After two years of his crap, I fired him and got a new Gastro. Active disease was confirmed with a pill cam, and I have been on 2 Humira pens a week( have been taking Humira for almost two years). It is obvious that the Hurmira is not working anymore, so it is on to the next drug. I have taken a good bit of the Crohn's drugs available. I have an appt on Thursday for new meds and a new game plan.

As other posters stated, I could write so much more, but even this seems too long. Even this little bit seems to long for a forum. Anyway, good morning (depending on where you live:)!

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Hi there! Welcome... you have been through a rough ride, and I can't imagine your pains and losing blood. I too have had DX with Crohns since '93 and 2 resections but I dont bleed, and I am grateful that I dont. I also was on Humira for a weekly shot, but wasnt working for me and Remicade I was allergic, and then the Cimzia was a first sought out (wasnt in Canada yet) but my doc thinks it wouldnt be any better. So I am on antibiotics for control of my symptoms and VSL#3, 450 probiotics, yes it is expensive but it works for me. Just have to watch the no no's of eating. Hope you keep us updated on your Crohns.


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:welcome: Nytefyre...Wow, you have been through a lot, but your post still sounds optimistic. That is a good thing! I find I can suffer through most things as long as I still have hope. I'm glad you decided to join us. This is a great place for laughs and information.
Welcome Nytefyre! I've seen you around - glad you posted your story :O)! Let us know what drug they are going to put you on next - I really hope it will do the trick for you buddy!!
Hi Nytefyre, welcome to the Crohnie Club where everybody talks sh!t to each other.lol I also have had a lot of blood infusions along with Iron infusions. I use to bleed like crazy. That is a wierd feeling when you get weak from loss of blood. Not fun when you hit the floor.
Hope what ever new treatment you go on works and you can enjoy a really long remission.
Welcome aboard Nytefyre and thanks for sharing your story - it is not too long at all! Always interesting to read of others experiences and I expect you will have a lot to bring to the forum :)