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Hello! Just moved from UC to Crohns...

Hello, everyone.

I'm new - but glad to be joining. I'm 37, was diagnosed in 2017 with ulcerative colitis (pancolitis). I've had many flares, including a very rough one in 2020 with a stretch of what I now know was "sweets disease," causing near-constant fevers and fatigue.

I've been on Entivyo now for over a year and it's made a big difference, but now I'm suffering from strictures and scarring and have a surgical consult in January. I'm doing a heck of a lot better, but now I have almost no hunger cues and only eat one meal a day. A lot of foods just wreck me, so I stick to simple meals. Because of the strictures and the inflammation moving around, they changed my diagnosis from UC to crohns. Anyone else had that happen?

Oh a little about me personally - I'm a new dad with two young kids, I work in digital marketing, and I love cooking and photography. Overall, I'm a pretty happy/upbeat person, fighting the good fight w/ IBD.

Thanks and nice to meet you all!
Haven't had the diagnosis change myself (was diagnosed with Crohn's at 10). But I also lack hunger cues so I resorted to grazing throughout the day and avoid having a full "meal" in a single setting. Personally, cutting out meat eliminated my constant throwing up and that is really my only diet change that seemed to help me.

Good to meet you too