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Hello looking for alternatives

Hello My name is Lori. I was diagnosed with Crohn's about 10 years ago. I had symptoms for at least 5 years before diagnosis. I have tried many meds- steroids, pentasa, remicade, entercourt maybe more I cant remember. None really worked for me except steroids. I had resection of colon and small intestine in 2011. I felt pretty good for 6 weeks then I got worse again. I think that I got about a 50% improvement in my symptoms from surgery. I did take LDN for about 2 years, it helped but was not enough that was before my surgery.I don't take any meds now because I just don't believe they will help me. I joined the forum because I was interested in seeing any postings that may be here on alternatives.
Hello lorli, this is a super site for lots of personal experiences.
Have you attempted the SCD diet? It can be helpful for some.
A lot can very from person to person and how extensive/aggressive the illness is. Another alternative treatment is EEN - all liquids with Dr. Nutritionist guidance.
I have used organic barley green to help ease inflammation etc. with great success however it is not something I use regular since I save it to shock my system into being better.
After your resection or before have you had your B12 checked? If low it can cause increased d and a host of other symptoms. Also certain foods after a resection can cause increased D, bloating and symptoms. Such as too much fat, carbohydrates and sugars. Ask a nutritionist about diet - specifically fats and the gallbladder - salts and kidney stones - carbohydrates /sugars bloating gas and increased d.
It can be difficult to figure what might help. There are plenty of goofy things but plenty of real good things - not everything helps/works for everyone.
You mentioned the good 6 weeks - that can happen since surgery is done often as a bowel preserving procedure. Taking only the worst of the worst (scar tissue) but can leave behind active CD.

Hope you find something to help!
Peace to you and welcome to a super helpful site ;)
I use frequency treatments to try to remove the pathogens that cause Crohns.
It is certainly alternative, but can be effective as measured by diminishing symptoms.
I don't think I have cured the disease but it has improved my condition considerably. It can be used while on medication so it is not necessary to stop any treatment that you might use in the future.

I have been on LDN and Imuran and neither worked as well as I would have hoped they would. I also stopped treating with medications since I had no benefit from them. I am not willing to take biologic drugs.

So far my current method has helped more than the others. No more blood in stool, much less mucus, etc.

It took me a few years to figure it out but so far so good.

PM me if you want more info.

Either way, I hope you can get things under control, one way or another.