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Hello -

My husband was officially diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 4 or so years ago, although all the "fun" had been going on long before that. I've actually long harbored the feeling that I broke him since the intensity and frequency of the symtoms seemed to increase once I entered the picture. I've been told that correlation doesn't equal causation, but I am still skeptical.:shifty:

He started his first long flare over the summer, around July, and it hasn't abated yet, despite a new GI, new medications and a low residue diet. He's down to 132 pounds and looks nothing like the man I know. I've been frequenting this site these past several months for perspectives, ideas and support from similar stories, and I thought I would officially join the collective of voices.

I am in the process of trying to process everything and rebalance my life to allow Crohn's to sit in the driver's seat for an unknown amount of time. I wish I could say that I am doing a fantastic job with it all, but I don't think I am. We have two young children who don't know what's happening to their father, or why their mother is always so stressed and crabby.

Thank you to all who have shared their story or their perspective in various posts that I've read. You've definitely helped me!


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Welcome ElizaKate

Please don't think you 'broke' your husband.Crohn's doesn't wait for a particular person to show up,it's not picky.Stress does play a roll.Perhaps he would be worse without your support.That's something to consider,in my opinion.

I'm glad you decided to join.If you haven't already,check out the caregivers support group.We can easily be overwhelmed by this disease,don't be too hard on yourself.You are watching your husband go through this and it affects the entire family.Unfortunately,even young kids who can't grasp what's going on to Dad.


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Hello and welcome, I agree with what Dave says.Don't be too
hard on yourself though.At least you're trying to understand and give your husband support. I hope his flare will be over soon,it can you know.