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Hello there

Well, here is the short version of the story. I was diagnosed late last October with Crohn's after a colonoscopy and losing about 25lbs in about two months with abdominal pain, night sweats, and a watery BM about once a day on average. Before feeling most of those symptoms, I had an abscess drained in late last August. I am currently taking prednisone while waiting for mercaptopurine to kick-in. I also have had two courses of Flagyl since being diagnosed. I am in general feeling ok, with some slight abdominal discomfort here and there.

What has been a major thorn in my side, is the wound from the drained abscess has never completely healed. Since the procedure, it has been draining with the amount of fluid tapering off over time. On the plus side, it is not that painful compared to a fissure. The surgeon is pretty much stumped saying it is the Crohn's that is preventing the wound from healing. I will have my GI look at it again in about a week, and depending on what he says, I may have a colorectal surgeon look at it.

Does anyone have any advice on treatments, approaches, diagnostic techniques, or had a stubborn abscess that wouldn't heal for a long time?


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:welcome: digestion......I am wondering if you have developed a fistula?...There are plenty of threads here about abscesses and fistulas. Good luck, I hope the Metho. kicks in a gives you some relief very soon.
Welcome Digestion :) I can't help either but there's heaps of info on this site. Have a look around and make yourself at home :)
@imisspopcorn: I thought that as well, but the surgeon insists that it is not. The wound has been described as a "shallow" line.

@farm: My GI has indicated that in the next several weeks if the 6-MP is not working, that I may have to try a biological solution.

Thanks for the input!
Hi Digestion,

Yes, I have this problem as well. First of all, it is my understanding that if an abscess is draining (on its own or surgically) it is technically a fistula, because a fistula is an open tract, whereas an abscess is closed off so pus and stool and stuff can build up. My surgeon said what I have is a compound fistula, which is a fistula tract that also branches off to a closed off pocket which is an abscess. The abscess fills up, and when it becomes full, it will drain out through the fistula tract. Does that make sense?

I have had two surgeries to repair this fistula. It is called a flap advancement surgery. They go in through the rectum and take a healthy piece of tissue and suture it over the opening of the fistula so that nothing can get in there. However, it keeps coming back. I have tried Remicade and it did not work for me either. At this point, I have resigned myself to living with it as long as I can keep it free from infection (constantly on Cipro and Flagyl). I guess it could be worse. Where is yours located?

You may want to check out the following link for info on fistulas vs. abscesses:


Hope any of this helps.