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Hello To All From The UK!

Hi everyone, my name is Mark and I live in Telford, England.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 1990 although I had symptoms for a few years prior to that.
I was quite obstinate in my younger days and wouldn't allow the Doctor to carry out any tests, although he was quite certain that I had Crohn's as he had been treating my sister for the same disease for a few years prior to seeing me.

I guess because I knew what a barium enema was etc. it frightened me so I wouldn't have any tests carried out...I know what you're thinking "IDIOT!" :ybiggrin: And of course, you would be right.

The doctor said "We are trying to help you...not punish you!" But still I insisted that I was ok and didn't need any treatment.

And so it went on...I put up with the constant pain and got thinner and thinner, eventually I realised that it wasn't normal to scamper up stairs on all fours like a cat, and that if I stood sideways and stuck out my tongue I must've looked like a zip!

So I basically booked an appointment with the Doc and said "I agree to anything you need to do, please help me!"

A barrage of x rays and other tests followed very quickly and then I had to go to see him for the results.

I was told bluntly "You have chronic Crohn's Disease and need major surgery...within a couple of weeks. Lets go and meet the surgeon!"

I was in a daze at hearing that news, although deep down, I knew what I was going to hear.
I had a major bowel resection and woke up to find I had a colostomy...heck of a shock that was although it was a temporary one - reversed after 18 months.

I was then ok for quite a while until Crohn's reared its ugly head again...prednisolone followed and then Azathioprine and every 4 months or so I would have a flare up and would self-treat with the steroids.

This situation continued for the last 7 years until it became apparent that Azathioprine was no longer working and the steroids had little effect as if they were reduced to less than 20mg, I would be ill again...loads of hospital visits with blockages!

I had a second bowel resection in Dec'09 and was informed that the surgeon had removed ALL traces of the disease. I decided not to take medication to prevent its return (what a dumb-ass eh?) and chose instead to see what happened.

Well...the inevitable I suppose. I wasn't too great last year within about 4 months of surgery and started on the steroids again on a reducing course.

At Christmas I had a stomach bug (me and half of Telford had this), which triggered another Crohn's attack. More steroids which help a bit but...not enough! So on the 29th April my wife took me to hospital as I was totally blocked up - stomach distended and excrutiating pain - I told them I have had this several times in the past and I need pain relief, a drip for the fluids, I'll be sick every where for a minute and then I'll be fine tomorrow.

Boy was I sick...all over my newly written up patient notes...the nurse just laughed as I apologised and said "No problem Mark, I've just learned something: don't leave the patients notes on the bed!":ybiggrin: What a star!

My employer was great and told me not to come back to work for 10 days and I was paid for the time off as well! Brilliant! Would have been in financial difficulties if I wasn't...phew!!!

More steroids followed-currently on 20mg- but I still had another blockage two days ago...my wife called for an ambulance and another night in hospital resulted. These are both a different hospital to the one where I have had my surgery...moved out of the area but still see the old consultant at the old hospital.

A junior doctor asked when the pain first came on (this was Monday) and when I said "3-00pm" he was worried that it was something else other than Crohn's. He asked if I had been to a foreign country recently as if I have picked up a tropical disease!!! Nooooo! It's Crohn's! I've lived with it for more than half my life! I know my own body!

The trouble is, I have an exremely high pain threshold...I'm sure many of you can relate to this; you live constantly with pain so you don't notice it until it gets really bad. The flare up would have started a few weeks ago but, despite having this for over 20 years, I hadn't realised it was happening again. Brilliant!

I was violently sick at home this time and really needed the hospital for the drip/fluids...I was so dehydrated as I put myself on "nil by mouth" earlier in the day when I thought I had a problem, my wife said I was incoherent!

Anyway, I discharged myself from the hospital yesterday, had a day of rest today and maximum dose of prednisolone (will stay on this until I see my own consultant in 13 days with a view to other medication), and will return to work tomorrow. I can't afford any more time off in case I don't get paid this time...got a wife, horse and cat to keep:D

I've found that one major bowel op was ok...two is a problem! I need the loo that frequently that I live my life around the toilet...each time I eat I will need the loo but I can't say exactly when...and I can't wait...life is so crap sometimes... but you've GOT TO LAUGH, HAVEN'T YOU!

Best wishes to everyone who have got to the end of my post! Never said so much about my condition to anyone before, and so sorry if I've rambled on...which I'm sure I have.!!!:blush:
Hey Mark welcome to the forums. Man you sure have had a go of it! Thanks for sharing your story. Best wishes to you in finding relief from this terrible disease.


Hiya Mark
and welcome fellow Brit

Yes you've been thro the wringer alright!
Hope this current dose of Pred knocks it on the head for you!
Stick with us for support, vents, advice and belly laughs too!
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Many thanks for the welcomes / replies...can't believe I haven't come across this forum before!

Now I've found you all there will be no getting rid of me...although I've had Crohn's for pretty much a quarter of a century, I'm sure I will learn loads from fellow sufferers experiences.

May we all find long lasting good health soon...I know that may be like wishing for "World Peace", but I'm an optimist!:ysmile:

I've just got to keep my sense of humour - I find that being able to laugh at myself when times are difficult gets me through it all, and things don't seem quite so bad!

Oh well, off to trawl the forum now!
Best wishes to everyone,
Mark. x


Welcome Mark!!!

Now be careful, if you belly laugh around here....You do have tiles in your bathroom?? They are most helpful when you have crohns and no doubt your wife will thank you.

Keep your sense of humour Mark, it will keep you fighting.

Misty and Stan


HI Mark and welcome!

Love your sense of humor - I suspect it's gotten you thru a lot these past 20 years!

And love your user name too! Don't we all have a thunderous finale from time to time!

Hope you get better soon - Good luck! - Amy


HI Mark and welcome!

Love your sense of humor - I suspect it's gotten you thru a lot these past 20 years!

And love your user name too! Don't we all have a thunderous finale from time to time!

Hope you get better soon - Good luck! - Amy
Oooh Mark, us sexy bag ladies welcomed you....ooohhh, see you ARE special! You are gonna love it here. Not only are we sexy and funny...and Amy is gorgeous, but they are soooo smart and clever here.

We only want you to feel better soon! And laughing is a good way to get there. Getting a great GI is even better!!!
Hey Mark and Welcome

Can I use the ZIP line? Made me laugh and we can all do with that.
Hate the 'what goes in must come out and at speed but I'm not gonna tell when' bit of Crohn's somedays I have felt like just bringing my plate to the bathroom and saving myself the hassle.

well you work on getting yourself better and if you need a ramble work away thats what we are all here for.

Gwen xxx
Heh, heh...I'm sure we all just feel like flushing our food down the toilet somedays, rather than eating it...a lot less mess and just think about all the toilet paper you'll save...:smile: