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My name is Dylan and I am a 36 year old proud father of two and loving husband from Red Bank New Jersey. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and right before the pandemic I was diagnosed with Crohn's. Since my medication hasn't been working for 2 and a half months I decided to no longer take my Humria and I have given up on taking my sinemet for the Parkinson's as well. Has anyone here decided to take a natural remedy, If so is there something you can recommend? Stay Safe and Well
I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Parkinson’s. From a Crohn’s point of view I guess if they gave you humira it’s pretty severe. There are other biologics - entyvio worked a bit for me for a while and now on stelara which is really helping.
Some people have had luck with a combination of antibiotics google human para website for details.
Natural treatment wise you could try an anti inflammatory diet such as IBD-AID (university of Massachusetts website) or SCD (book called breaking the vicious cycle). If you try IBD-AID get a good blender and prepare for a lot if smoothies and soups. Some folk get by just on diet changes, some need drugs as well, some of us are doing both and still struggling.
Other natural remedies the best website I’ve found is a New Zealand herbalist called RJ Whelan. But he is very honest about it is a tricky disease and his suggestions don’t work for everyone.
What else. Avoid gluten. Take extra vitamin D.
Keep an eye on your inflammation markers (blood and stool tests) and be prepared to change your mind and try another drug.
Good luck
Delta gave some good advice. I think there are so many things to try. I should write a list of the supposed natural treatments! I tend to like the naturals stuff that is actually backed by medical trials. The NIH website has a ton. Here are the major things that are backed by medical science. There are more, but these seem pretty universal.

Vitamin D. Get tested. Get your levels up in the 70 range. 30 is the min, but new data is suggesting higher. 70 is pretty safe. Stay at 100 or below.

L glutamine in the morning on an empty stomach.

Wormwood. Lots of data out there on it. Works well for many.

Fish oil. lots of data on this as well.

On the food side of things. SCD diet, CDED diet, Paleo. Just give one a try. No less than two to three weeks on a diet. You can't cheat, if you cheat, start the clock over.

You can also try a bone broth fast. Nothing but bone broth for 2 days. Helps some people a lot.

I am a big believer in intermittent fasting. Any type of fasting will help most people. It just makes sense, give your stomach a break.

EEN. This is pretty much a liquid diet. Very effective for people.

Something I have been reading on lately is baking soda. I read about it in the past, but new research is starting to show some interesting things for all autoimmune disease.


Seriously, there is a ton more "natural" fixes. Some help, some don't. I would try these 3 to start.

5000 iu vitamin D with MK3

5 grams of L glutamine every morning

wormwood, 500mg 3 times a day

2 grams of fish oil.

I am not a doctor, well I am, but not a medical doctor. I got those doses from reading online and what works well for me. You need to do the research. Speaking to holistic Dr would be good also.
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There is no natural remedy for Parkinson’s disease keep taking your medication.
I coach Fall Ball Baseball so after so Sundays game my wife drove me to the ER after her repeated request for me to go, it was finally time. I don't think going natural was ever really the best alternative for me for I was merely speaking out of frustration. Sunday marked the first time in a week I had solid food and hey I kept it down too! It's been hell and all of my BMs have been straight blood. It's Tuesday morning and my hemoglobin levels have dropped to 8% so anything below that will require me to get a blood transfusion. The expectation is that the steroids would work their magic and get me to a baseline so we can begin talking about another route than Humria.
I don't think it is an either or thing. I think you can do natural and meds. They can compliment each other. All of the current research show very little risk from taking vitamin D and fish oil. I think it can only help. But, you have to do what you think will work for you.
I have been taking Vitamin D everyday and they are also giving it to me at the hospital. I'll definitely be getting some fish oil too, I used to take it but I got away from it. Thanks this site is helpful and I wish you all the best. :)