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Helminth therapy anyone know about.

Coronado Biosciences is doing a trial for helminthic therapy in several locations across the United States. I tried to qualify but my CDAI was too low.


If you scroll down, you will see there are at least 4 locations in Illinois that are recruiting for the study.

Other than attempting to be a part of the study, I have no experience with it.


I don't have experience with it but read a lot about it since I was very interested. What kinds of questions or concerns do you have?
Hi,I am just looking for people who have used this treatment and how successful it was before I bring it up to my son's GI. It makes more sense to me than a lifetime of all these toxic drugs!


It is still in phase 2 clinical trial but it looks promising so far.

"Dr. Summers and his colleagues demonstrated encouraging findings in two studies published in 2005. One examined 29 patients with Crohn's disease and found that after six months, 21 were considered remitted. (There wasn't a control group for comparison.) The other was study of 54 patients with ulcerative colitis. Patients who received TSO treatment improved significantly more than those who got placebo."


I am not. I was seriously considering it but my GI said it could be dangerous if a worm gets into an ulcer. They just don't know enough about it and I am in bad shape and can't play around.
My son will have to be 18 to qualify for a trial. Really weird coincidence but while I was getting a pedicure, the woman next to me who had an acupuncture studio next to the nail salon and I started talking. She had been an intern at the first trial of helminth therapy in Iowa and told me all about it and how helpful it was for the 25 participants, all who were very sick and this was a last resort for them. It sounds really successful in 85% of cases.