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Hi, so It all started about 2yrs ago not long after I had my 1st child, I sufferd constipation and it felt like I was passing razor blades then one day i was bleeding loads. So I made an appointment with Dr, who then just bumped me of saying it was caused by constipation and prescribed me some laxative drink to have daily. It helped for a little while but the the constipation and razor pain came back, so 2yrs on and Ive got used to the constant constipation, but my bowel movements start to change, my bowels become really irritated and one day id have dirreah then the next id have constipation and the bleeding all the time, and sometimes its really hard to pass wind, id feel it just building up inside me, I been to he docs and they took a stool sample, results come back showing bowels was slightly inflamed, and refers me to hospital to see the gastroenterology team, my appointments next week and as the days draw closer I'm getting really nervous about what they might find
Has anyone else ever experienced something like this?
Help/advice would be much appreciated thanks xx


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What you're describing sounds similar to what many people with IBD experience, those things are all possible symptoms of crohns or UC, but there are also many other possibilities for what you describe.

I would recommend making a list of your symptoms and keeping a diary, record bowel movements, blood, pain score (1-10) and anything that seems to bring on the symptoms. You could also keep a food diary to see if there is any correlation between specific foods and worsening symptoms, which may give the doctors a clue and will also help you to reduce those foods in your diet which can help symptoms.

Make a list of questions to take to your appointment, be brutally honest and remember that you know your body best so if something doesn't sound right to you don't be afraid to question it.