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Help...Anyone respond negatively to Colazal/Asacol?


Sports Crohnie

Began worst flare in July after 6 mos on Asacol. Reverted to Colazal which I had been on prior to Asacol. No improvement in flare. Started Prednisone in Sept while simultaneously taking Colazal. Improvement in symptoms but not as dramatic as I or GI had hoped. Three days ago experimented (w/o GI's advice) and stopped taking Colazal relying solely on Prednisone. Today...wala!...a perfect poop! My first one in maybe a year. So, I'm going to axe Colazal for a few more days and see what happens.

Makes me wonder if my body just doesn't like Colazal or Asacol. Both drugs improve symptoms somewhat (i'll go from watery diarrhea to loose stools but never to a good stool).


What are folks experiences with Colazal or Asacol?
I got nothing but worse for the two months I was on asacol and then ended up in the hospital.



One Badass Dude
Not seeing much improvement from the Asacol I've been on for 10 weeks now.

Although, I feel worse if I miss a dose by an hour or two.
Asacol kind of worked for me, but my symptoms didn't improve that much. Plus it made my hair fall out, so we decided to stop that. I'm on Humira now, which so far seems to be a miracle drug...
Asacol works great for me.
I have been on it for almost 10 years...
As a maintenance drug I think it works very well...
but, during a flare I something more is needed.
Just my humble opinion. :)
i cant seem to make my mind up on asacol/mesalazine. i started 2 three times a day a couple of year ago, straight away didnt seem to agree withme, had all sorts of problems but cant work out if that was the nerves of takin them as i was not keen on so many tablets, includin my others,(didnt like the idea of having to take tablets every day full stop back then) anyhow i dropped the dose my self and just took 1 twice a day and that worked with me, well think it did, as of monday totally stopped them to see how that affects me(advised by doctor at hospital)

il let you know anyways.
i used Asacol in suppository form. it made me bleed. apparently, it's one of those known side in effects in some sensitive people :(
Asacol and Rowasa didn't work for me. At first I seemed better with Asacol, then I began having pain again. So, my GI added Rowasa...things only got worse. I ended up in urgent care where they changed my meds to Entocort and Azulfidine. That worked much better!

Asacol made my hair fall out too!


Sports Crohnie
All very interesting. When I was first diagnosed (my first bad flare), I started Colazal and that did the trick although based on subsequent colonoscopies, I was still moderately inflammed despite not terrible symptoms. But, this flare, I wonder if it was exacerbated by Colazal/Asacol.

Prednisone works but, with Colazal, not so much.

Can someone explain what Rowasa, Entocort and Humira are? Are they for long-term use? Also, my Crohns is limited to colon.


Asacol worked for me when I used it for 2 years after being diagnosed with UC. The ulcerated area had no ulcers after using it for 2 years.

I have not used Asacol since being diagnosed with Crohn's, but I'd give it another chance.
I also switched from asacol to colazol some years ago, i think the resoning was that my disease moved from higher in my intestines down to my colon. my crohn's is mainly in my colon as well, but its not 100% certain, as i havent been scoped for a while.
I was on rowasa for a time, and just to make sure we're on the same page, you're talking about the enema right? i think its the same drug as colozol/asacol but in enema form so you can put it right where the inflammation is and not have to travel through your bloodstream.
entecort is a type of steroid, i think called a corticosteroid? and it is less powerful than prednisone, but you dont have to deal with the nasty side effects like the face swelling and headaches, bone problems, etc. you know the drill. i was on that for a few months if i remember correctly, and i think it did some good, but just wasnt enough for the flare i was in.
finally, humira is an injectable drug that you take once every one or two weeks depending on your case. its in a category called biologics, but im not sure what that means. its similar to remicade in function i belive. and humira is definitly a long term drug, i was on it for about a year, not much sucess for me, but many people go into remission while on it!
haha i sound like a dictionary, but i hope it helps :)
take care


Sports Crohnie
Thanks everyone. I'm now almost two weeks w/o Colazal and have been pooping near perfectly - as though there's no flare.

Wondering what to do once I'm off prednisone. . .