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Help arranging Stelara injections in San Francisco

Hi Everyone,

My son will be doing an internship in San Francisco (down town financial district) this summer and will need 2-3 Stelara injections when there. He has not been able to give them to himself. Do you know if we can arrange to have them shippped to a medical office downtown and pay them to do the injections? Is anyone from SF that can guide us or has anyone had to do this?

He gets them every 4 weeks.

San Diego
If your son will have a refrigerator in which to store the drug until it's time to inject, I suggest just shipping the drug directly to him. Then when the time comes have him take it to an urgent care center to have them perform the injection.

I'm sure there must be plenty of urgent care centers in SF. You could call a few now to make sure in advance that they will perform the injection.
Thanks, the issue may be having someone there to sign for the injection. I can find out from the hostel I guess. I worry about a house of young adults leaving the fridge open and not getting it in the fridge properly. He will be working 60-80 hours a week so won't be there much. There is a women who runs the hostel so maybe I should call her. If she can, then I may call both some urgent cares and pharmacies. Thanks!


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sent you a pm before I read this. I am in the San Fran area and hubby works in financial district. Some of the bigger firms here have health offices and lots have "mother's rooms" with fridges etc. you can have the pharmacy mail him the Stelara at work and maybe he can store it there and if they have a health office, the nurse there can give the injection? LOADS of urgent and primary care offices in the area.