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Help decipher blood test result

Can somebody help interpret my results? To cut a long story short my consultant took me off Azathioprine in October as it was playing about with my WBC and j ended up being Neutropenic and hospitalized until my count was over 2.0

I am apparently in remission but have been feeling sick since mid December. Got results back yesterday with a note to repeat bone profile in 3 weeks decided to go and get hard copy as receptionists can't give full explanations. I'm feeling pretty lousy and GP can't/won't prescribe anything for my Crohns as consultant has to do this and I can't even get an IBD nurse to call me back.

So here it goes

Bone Profile - calcium 2.15 nmol/L

White 3.6 **
Red 4.18
Haemoglobin 135
MCH 32.3 **
Platelet count 166
Neutrophils 2.1
Lymphocytes 1.2 **
Monocytes 0.2


Can anybody help with there experience? I know that sometimes Dr should look past the results and see the symptom's but feel I'm getting nowhere other than walking about as if my head is up my derriere.
you are on the low range of White cell and lymphocites but there is nothing to worry about in my opinion.
ESR is fine, CRP too

I have no experience with Calcium levels.
Bone Profile - calcium 2.15 nmol/L

White 3.6 ** x10^9/1 range (4.0-11.0)
Red 4.18. X10^12/1 range (3.80-5.80)
Haemoglobin 135. G/l (range 115-165)
MCH 32.3 ** pg (range 27.0-32.0)
Platelet count 166. X10^9/1 range (150-400)
Neutrophils 2.1. X10^9/1 range (2.0-7.5)
Lymphocytes 1.2 ** x10^9/1 range(1.5 -4.0)
Monocytes 0.2. X10^9/1 range (0.2-0.8)

ESR 2. Mm/hr range (1-12)
CRP 2. Mg/L range (0-10)