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Help- Fistula LIFT procedure and skin tag removal - 2 months out

I had the LIFT procedure done for a fistula and skin tag removal done about 2 months ago and still have a lot of drainage, which is getting worrisome.

The drainage is usually greenish or tanish colored and doesn't have a strong odor and is usually contained with gauze. A couple of times there's also been poo on the gauze, which is concerning because I can't tell when it's leaking out. Since the procedure two months ago my body has been totally knocked out of routine. My BMs are all over the map time wise and hard to control if I have to wait. The lack of control is getting depressing and creates huge anxiety that I'll have a issue outside of the house.

I'm not scheduled to see my surgeon for another couple of weeks and am worried there was a problem with either the LIFT or the skin tag removal that damaged my muscles. I can deal with a few months of drainage but the leaking of poo and feeling like I have a lot less control since the surgery is getting me down.

Anyone else have the same issues after similar surgeries? Does it just take time to get better? I'm scared I'll be leaking like this forever. TIA for any info. :sign0085:
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