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Help - Fistula

I have had an undiagnosed anal fistula for a couple years now, it was acting up 3 months ago, went to a Doc trying to get antibiotics & help, he referred me to a surgeon.
Now 2 months later I'm feeling fine with no problems & I finaly go for the colonoscopy, & he's all polyp happy, and cuts a polyp while I'm knocked out, but I think it was where the fistula was attached to my colon & healed over, and now its back, & oozing, & bleeding & hurting, & what do I do now?...
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Hi Nature Boy
And welcome to the forum. Well, if that's what's actually happened that is awful!! If you don't trust that surgeon ( and I'm not sure if I would after that ), I think the best thing to do would be to see your GP again as soon as and if possible, get a referral to a different surgeon?
In the meantime,have a look through the posts in this sub-forum. There are others with similar issues and good advice on what to do when you have one that might make you a bit more comfortable until you can see someone.
Hey Nature Boy :)

Polyps can be bad, so in a way, it's good that your surgeon cut them off. He'll probably send it off to biopsy. Anal Fistulas are a pain in the a$$.... (pun intended). Al ot of people would recommend sitz baths. You can probably find a sitz bath apparatus at your nearest drug store. It's like a special seat that fits over your toilet, which you fill with water, and a tablespoon or two of epsom salts. (Try to buy UNSCENTED epsom salts). It'll come with a little baggy for more hot water, etc. Sit in it for ATLEAST 20 minutes. The longer, the better you'll feel.

I actually really hate sitz baths (I have an aversion to sitting on a toilet for 20+ minutes), and so I usually opt for a normal bath, to clean up the area, etc. Also, if you're just sitting around, you can use a heating pad under your bum, set to medium or high. Just don't burn yourself. Oozing and bleeding can be controlled by wearing panty-liners... I know, I'm a guy too. But, not alot of people are going to see what you wear in your underwear, amirite? T1's (tylenol w/ codein) help me, and you can get them (atleast in Canada) by asking your pharmacist.

Do you have a Crohn's or Colitis diagnosis?

Best of luck!
Thanks for the replies.....
I've never been diagnosed with anything, the surgeon said I have mild diverticulitis. I've had the fistula for several years, & just taken antibiotics to remedy the infection, when it acted up.
I guess what I'm asking is what can I do or try to get done to fix the hole in my colon. If I let let it heal on its own, will another polyp of scar tissue develop? Can a patch be put over the area, so it will heal smooth?
thanks again


I definitely recommend talking with your GI or the surgeon about it and getting his or her opinion on what to do next. These things can be very difficult to deal with among doctors and medications, let alone by yourself. Did you see the surgeon?