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Help,I need too many enemas!

I have a bowel problem where my stool wont all come out,so I use enemas (sometimes 8 or more bottles of plain water every day (anything but water burns I have been told by 2 doctors I need a colostomy bag on my side . I do not wont to do that ,but I am down to eating only one small meal a day .But after 4 years of enemas I am so raw and sore in my guts I can not bear it. Anyone else use enemas like this ? I can not bear this pain. Yes I have had botox injection,the muscle cut ,and nothing helped my stool all come out. Can one live on insure clear forever ? (no I have not tried that ,but even one meal a day is too much.
I'm sorry I can't help answer your question, as I don't have much experience with enemas. However, I wanted to give you a cyber hug, and tell you to hang in there. I sincerely hope and pray that things get better for you! I am sure others will respond to this thread who can answer your question :)
something is affecting the motility of your bowel movements, so I would look at what you are eating AND drinking. Try ONLY water for a good week, add veggies (perhaps veg soup) and try that for a week. I noticed adding many veggies to each meal makes a huge difference. Add probiotics and digestive enzymes and that should help. My guess is sugar intake needs to be eliminated. Enemas should never be relied upon. Do belly rubs (start at right, go up above navel, around left side down and back to right). Keep doing so for at least 5 minutes, do in car, sitting watching tv.,etc...that will help get the blood circulating and may help improve it. Pure diet of healthy food only WILL make a difference. Good luck!
Thank you ,your advice is good,though I have tried it somewhat. I quit eating for 3 days (many times ) but get hungry and give in and eat. I do believe if I could quit all food but water and Insure clear (not the kind with milk,but the new one which is juice ) that my burning gut would heal;thus the swelling in my intestines would go down and my enemas could be fewer . so I am going to try at least one week starting tomorrow with no solids for 7 days. :hug:Blessings .