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Help I'm Scared


Unfortunately I don't have much experience to answer your questions but I just wanted to let you know that I, as well as every other member on the crohn's forum support you and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers during this time. I know surgery can be a scary/stressful time but try and stay positive and just think about how much it could help in the long run.

One day Mr. Right will come along for you but until then just things day at a time so you can knock your crohns into remission. Although some people don't have much success with surgery, there are lots of people who have their lives back because of surgery.

Hang in there, and please keep us updated
Hi itsme2,
sorry I cant answer you're question. I just wanted to send lots of love your way and say hope all goes well for you xx
I'm so sorry that you're poorly right now :( I can tell you though, surgery isn't as scary as you will be imagining it to be. The hospitals are really good at controlling your pain :) With my surgery, I do not remember feeling pain once, and that is the honest truth. The most pain I remember is having gas pains for the air they pump you with, but chances are that you had that before anyway ;) Even the scar doesn't look so bad, and mine was open, so it's fairly long. The first few days might be rough, but I don't remember much from them and every day improved so much from the previous day.

Surgery has improved some people's lives greatly, but for others they might not be so lucky. I personally don't regret my surgery. I know that it could come back at any time, but that is the nature of our illness. If you're anxious or worried about upcoming surgery, please talk to your doctor about it. So many healthcare professionals often neglect how our mental health and happiness is knocked by a lot of the things we have to go through and it's important to discuss your fears and concerns with them.

I'm so sorry that you recently lost your dad too. I wish you all the best and I really hope that surgery greatly improves your quality of life, like it has done for many. I hope you can get your disease back into remission.