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Help me make an app for IBD

Hi I am a Crohn's sufferer (diagnosed about 27 years ago). Lately I have gotten into app development and want to make an app. I have seen quite a few apps that cater for IBD in some form BUT they are all so hideously ugly. Why should being ill mean we have to use ugly apps. I want to make an app that is a joy to use so you would use longterm.
I want to have a pain tracker and bowel movement tracker but wanted to know what do you all want? I know you make a better app if the customer has a big say in it.
So what would you like in an app for you?



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Food lists are different for everyone. That would be more of a food diary feature or you could use the notepad feature on your phone.

Sashaz I've never used an IBD app but I've looked at some in the past. What do you mean by other apps being "ugly?" Are you looking to make a free app? That would be best for those with IBD (user friendly and free).


What i mean is there are like 3 different gut diet's gap scd and paleo 1 says something is ok to eat while the other says it's not ok get confused as to what i can and can't eat


The one by CCFA is nice, I think it's GIbuddy?

I just get frustrated by all the options sometimes and don't want to spend all day updating apps on my every move.
I love apps and really appreciate well made ones that are a joy to use. I do design for a job so wanted to make one that is attractive but really useful.
In pricing I have no idea. However I can't code past simple changes so I have to pay to make the app. It would have to be charged but the lowest price point to break even. I have a full time job and don't need the money but love the creative process. I want to make something that can be award winning and I thought it would be good to tackle a subject close to my heart.

For me it's hard to note how many times I go to bathroom or how much pain I had and where. I had a good idea for a really supper fast notation method to track it.

I like the food tracking idea and thought about an app that you took a photo of each meal to remind you what you had eaten in your journal.

The food diet one is also good as it depends what diet you are on. It's very easy to put the foods in a data base and give a list of what's ok it not in each regime.

So I think I have to choose what is going to be useful and not covered in other apps and do that. So this is all amazing help and it's good to discuss this all.
Beside bad UI the single thing I hate about most of the apps out there is not being able to export my data easily. I haven't looked recently so there may be one out there that already does. But if I am going to take the time to input data I want to be able to get it out in more than just a canned report.