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Help !! need advice on budenofalk ?!?!

Hi all hoping someone can help in 10 weeks pregnant and having a pretty rough flare up of my Crohn's disease.
My IBD nurse has prescribed me budenofalk however after researching it I've read that when tested on animals it left the foetus with abnormalities even used the word retardations !!! Has anyone taken this drug during pregnancy ????
Thanks x
Unfortunately No I have not taken that med,it is scary being pregnant with Crohn's and even more so if you're in a flare up. I went through the same thing and was researching every med once I found I was pregnant. I can say that I took a Class D medication (Imuran) throughout my entire pregnancy. Class D means studies show there is evidence of positive fetal risk. My little boy is 2.5 yrs old and super healthy and happy! If your dr prescribed it and they know you're pregnant, they are likely weighing the minor risk of fetal harm vs. your body going into early labor due to severe inflammation. You don't want to lose that baby and you need to care for yourself. Looked up that med and it seems to be a type of steroid so I'll just add that I see an outstanding IBD team in San Diego and they have always warned me If I go into a flare up during pregnancy they would prescribe me prednisone asprednisone has caused no problems for any of the fetuses of their patients. It looks like it is a Class C during pregnancy.