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Help needed!

Hey I’m 31 and was diagnosed with Crohns when I was 25 ever since it’s been a struggle! Most recently I’ve found out I’ve got a stricture in the ends of my small intestines where it’s meets the large intestines. I’ve been really unwell since December with sickness and nausea everyday. I’ve had an mri, endoscopy and colonoscopy. To which they found the stricture and also the bottom of my stomach has eroded. Ever since having these procedures I’ve been struggling with bowel movement I’m guessing because of the stricture. I’ve been in touch with my gp and the crohns advise line to which I’ve been told to go on laxatives and if the pain gets worse to go to a&e. I’m struggling as to what to do now as I can’t even seem to get help I’ve not got an appointment with my consultant until late December. I’m hoping someone has had similar problems and could shine a bit of light. I’m yet to be put on any tablets for my Crohns because my app isn’t until December the only tablets I’m taking are to settle the sickness.
I kinda know what you're going through, my Crohn's doesn't have the strictures or anything, just the fevers and flare ups, but I can't offer any advice, as my specialist refuses to call me back. I can only offer sympathies, especially when it comes to doctors being unwilling or unable to treat you. They fixed the stricture right? Or did they straight up just leave it?
Your not alone in this. My crohns is in exactly the same place, terminal ileum. And also a large stricture and i had regular obstructions. I also have ibs too which I found hard to control both. I was left after constant tests, for me the only tests that showed the area fully was a barium mri. I moved house, went through testing all over again as I moved hospitals (my choice). And finally was put on steroids, they didn't work but did improve how severe the symptoms were slightly. A year and half later of weaning off of steroids, I was put on immune suppression medication azathioprine. Instantly obstructions stopped and with constant diet changes, alot of resting, trial and error.. I've been in remission for 6 years.
You will get there, it just might take trial and error to see what works for you. I know the hell your going through, I do. If you find they give you a IBD nurse, that is your first port of call when struggling. I've found it's the only way my specialist gets to hear anythings wrong, unless it happens I have a appointment with him around that time. Please hang on in there, it will get better.