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Help please

Hello everyone,

I have had this hard lump under my belly for at last 7 years and for the past year it has started to cause me pain. at first the pain mild and it wouldn't bother everyday single day. but for the past few months the pain as increased and and a few weeks ago I started having sharp burning pain behind my belly button. I cant eat a lot because if I eat too much it cause the sharp pain or even without eating the pain will just come out of nowhere. no doctor has determined what it is exactly nor has any done any test to look at it directly. they only answer i got is that it not a hernia because the lump doesn't move around or bulge out.
One doctor thinks that it might be a cyst but and my GI doctor says the its from my crohn's.
So does anyone have any similar issue or insight on what it might be? because i am actually a little scared.:sign0085::frown:


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New York, USA
It sounds like you need to push for more testing to see what the lump is. It could be one of many things, but you really need to get some more testing and imaging done to find out the cause and then treat it.
Thank you for the reply. I will keep pressing the issue. my GI doctors said they would probably do an ultrasound of my belly button to see if they could find it , but that was a month ago. Asked my doctor about it monday and she said that it do to my crohns. But they haven't done the ultrasound yet to make sure. I feel the lump all the time, its so bothersome i want it gone.