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Help, support needed!

Hello, my names Jem, I'm 27 and have been suffering for the past ten months with constant diarrhoea, vomiting and severe abdominal pains, I was 11 st 2 years ago and now am just under 9 st, weight started to really drop off over last year or so, at 5'' 8 I cant afford to lose much more. In feb 2012 was told I had gastroenteritis was prescribed mebeverine which helped with the spasms but I had promotion and exams for work (in the financial industry) so just battled through till things got really bad in oct 2012, nearly fainting all the time, low energy ect ect, couldn't keep food down struggled to even chew it, anxiety crept in to make things worse. Doc signed me off with nervous exhaustion then after 2 weeks went back to work but by the Friday I was washed out again. Back to the docs this time he says from my symptoms he suspects IBD, I have also got another condition called erythema nodosum (very painful and unsightly rash all over my legs) I was diagnosed with that when I was about 15, down to a streptococcal infection in my throat I was told. Anyway sorry this is long... Docs examines me says I have tenderness in right iliac fossa and refers me for the colonoscopy, good grief that was not a nice experience at all!!! Couldn't get a proper look at the TI, but large bowel seemed ok, they took 5 biopsies but haven't had the results yet, I got signed off again for 8 weeks beginning of dec and due back on 29th jan. I'm scared this is going to take forever to sort out and its starting to get me down, I left my boyfriend I'd been living with for 5 years just before Xmas as he wasn't supporting me and let me run him around in the car and cook and clean, wash and iron ect ect, got to the point I thought I'm dying so I bolted to my mums house, she was so shocked at the sight of me she took me up to the hospital, nearly got admitted as badly malnourished and dehydrated but doc gave me a 'drip in a bag' as he put it as it was a Friday night and he said nothing would happen till Monday I'd be more comfortable at my mums place. Well here I am at quarter to six in the morning crying because I'm in pain, just got over another vomiting bout 1 day ago that lasted 12 hrs straight and have a cold to top it all off!! My sister weighed me on her wii fit thing tonight and it said my bmi was 16.14 and I'm 7st 8 which scares me more, just need to know there is someone out the who knows what it's like, I feel like I'm falling to pieces and just waiting around for my next consultant app which is 5th feb, first I'm an urgent referral then I wait for ages for a letter that doesn't come so I ring up and say I'll take a cancellation then I'm told I'm routine on their system??!! Don't know what the hell is wrong with me, just want to feel healthy and normal again so I can go back to my work, any advice would be very much appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read this.


My then 16 year old daughter was dx almost 12 months ago. She is also 5 ft 8 and losted 12kgs in a 8 week period. I would look at a supplement like ensure which we used to try and slow the weight loss. You could also try ringing the GI and reporting the weightloss weekly in the hope the appointment gets moved up. It worked for us.

Dx she weighted 44kg.
Omg honey sounds like you are having a really bad trot ATM I'm 27 also I had lost a lot weight I went to the hospital after a week in bed I was put on a drip for a hour then I was sent home with a pulled tummy mussel.
I spent a nother week in bed. Then went to the GP. I was then sent for a CT scan.
Which showed up with crohns. Then I was in and out of hospital for months :(
Still not great but a lot better then I was.
Hope you get some help soon.
You have to push the dr to get to them bottom of it Hun xx
You poor thing, sorry to hear your in so much pain :/ I felt much the same before my crohns diagnosis. I had constant pain, and vomiting, and was told I had ibs for a couple years before diagnosis. One night, during pain and vomiting, my mum said I need to go to hospital, took me in, and after a bowel X-ray, was told I had a bowel obstruction. If you have horrible pain a short while after eating, then have vomiting during the night, pain not passing wind while vomiting, then you could be having obstructions. With symptoms like that you need to go to hospital straight away. If you then are able to get an MRI or ct which should show stricturing if that's the problem. Hope you get well soon, best wishes xo


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Hello Jem
\Sorry to hear that you are so ill and being dealt with by such morons.
You are in desperate need of a first class gastroenterologist.
Are you near a teaching hospital?
If so go to their emergency room and get some help.
Insist on seeing a gastro specialist
Your treatment so far is quite unacceptable.
Hope things will get better for you
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
Wow! Thank you everyone for your support it has really lifted my spirits! I am going to get back onto my doctor and see if he can hurry things along for me, he has referred my case to gastroenterologist who i've seen once, he said first step is have the colonoscopy then if that doesn't show up anything then endoscopy will be the next step. Thanks again for the advice and support this site is great i'm so glad I joined now, I felt bad after having a good moan at you all! :hug: