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Help with Liquid Diet question

Hi guys,

So I've been on Modulen IBD for about 7/8 days now, problem is I've run out and I was supposed to have some more arrive today but the place where I get it F'd up and now I've gotta wait, perhaps even until next week, So I rushed down to the local chemist and bought some Sustagen Nuetral (which is Australias version of boost I think). My question is, will switching between drinks reduce the effectiveness of the course of liquid diet?
Modulen has a anti inflammatory ingredient which sustagen, ensure etc doesn't. When my daughter done modulen last year for 8 weeks she was tube fed on modulen at night and drank sustagen during the day. Her doctor also recommended fortisip - all the best
Same thing happened to us except they sent us cases of chocolate flavor - Jack hates chocolate his GI said go ahead with Boost/Ensure till we get the right stuff but he would prefer the Peptide (like your modulen) since protein is further broken down but in emergency Boost/Ensure would do.
Kathy, is it the Pediasure Peptide or just plain Pediasure? The Peptide has the protein further broken down making it easier to absorb. They all can help with inflammation if they are exclusive as the intestines do not have to work as hard allowing a "rest" at least that is my understanding and the further broken down the proteins the less work the intestines have to do. So regular Pediasure - full protein strand; Peptide - semi-elemental protein chain broken down some and then you have the elementals which the protein is completely broken down such as elecare or neocate and splash.
Its plain pediasure (1.5 cal). We got lab results today. His SED went from 29 to 34 (so a continual slow rise) and CRP went down but 2.6 to 2.5.(the changes are from 2 weeks). Nurse said if his inflammation is causing absorbtion issues than it may be in colon and lead to gas. We're waiting to see what to do next.
Nurse also said they don't use Modulen anymore