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Help with nausea during mri

Well I had my second opinion app for whether surgery is the route to go. He said there's 2 other biologics to try first and since I'm a new patient he wants to do a battery of tests to see what the disease is up to. He ordered stool samples and blood work and an mri (and he acted like an mri was going to be better than a colonoscopy...at least the colonoscopy I can prep at home and be sedated for)

Anyway I had an mri around March and I struggled. I drank 2 bottles on an empty stomach than had to lay on a flat surface for an hour. I had to burp the entire time and if I lay completly flat it causes acid to flow into my throat, add to it I only had liquid in my stomach and having to burp creates a recipe for disaster. The glycol to freeze my bowels didn't work and the laxitive barium worked through me before the mri even started...

Is there a way I can get through the mri without being completly nauseated the whole time? There are things I know if I can do I'll be fine...not drinking as much barium on an empty stomach, ability to be on an incline so acid doesn't spill into my throat, ect but idk if I'll be allowed those things so if there's any tips otherwise it's appreciated!!
Are you on an anti acid med already? Incline in unlikely to happen, the are very specific in setting up the machine but you may be able to get away with drinking less. I only drank a little over half because I was going to throw up if I drank more. They did the MRI and it turned out okay.
My gi called yest and told me to cancel the mri due to having cdiff. Wants to treat that then do the mri.

Im not on an antacid currently since I only get the reflux during certain times (like a trigger) having an empty stomach and drinking tons of liquid then laying flat triggers it. During my last mri I asked to come out and sit up to burp (which helps but if I burp while laying flat I end up vometting or having a reaction similar to not being able to breath) and they refused because I just got injected with the glycol and contrast. Feeling huge amounts of liquid rumble through my intestine also has a bad feeling. :/

Whenever I get the mri again I plan to talk to my GI about what I can do. Individually these things don't bother me, I can handle the glycol, I can drink the contrast, I can lay flat on an empty stomach but everything together made it a sucky expirience.

I wonder if I could get an antinauseal...?