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Help x

I am waiting for a clear diagnosis, my feacal calprotectin test was almost 900 but a normal colonoscopy but doctor feels it may be to me now being better having the colonoscopy and it's healed, I had a MRI and haven't discussed it with gastro doctor yet he's just sent a appointment out but I had gp receptionist print result off and it says normal study no structure abnormalities but on the part saying "clinical information" it says "abnormal pain and weight loss, raised feacal calprotectin, normal colonoscopy, small bowel inflammatory disease." Does that mean they have seen somthing else indacating small bowel inflammatory bowel disease to put it in clinical information xx
It sounds like they either saw signs of small bowel inflammation or were looking for it. Did your GI mention he suspected you have small bowel crohn’s or jejunoileitis? If you are losing weight, in pain, and have a high fecal calprotectin something is definitely going on.