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Hello, in Nov. I passed a gallstones...they said. Did tons of tests,then decided not to remove my gallbladder. Six weeks later they removed it. Now it is almost six months later and I am still unwell. Stomach pain if I eat too much or not enough. Gassy, bloating, weird bowel movements. I am going to try a gluten free diet next week. Reading now about what to buy. I have lost too much weight from not eating enough. I am already little and the weight loss is not attractive. I have had digestive problems all my life. And colitis when young. Can someone advise or help with info? Thanks.
I used to live in Az but never heard of Ash Fork. Is that up north? I had a friend that had gallbladder removed and had to take cholestramine to keep the bile from making her miserable. I take it too after my resection. they took out the area that absorbs bile so I cant and depend on the drug to take care of it.
Do you have a GI doctor and have they done a CT scan of your abdomen. If not this may be a good area to start with to see if you have something else going on.