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Hi everyone,
I appear to have got the above. I get some pian from my anus when I try to pass a stool & there is a lot of fresh bright red blood in the toilet bowl & on the toilet paper.
Anyone ever had these, if so I would be keen to have your feedback on your experiences & how you resolved the issue.

Thanks a lot

I use baby wipes to keep from irritating them. I keep thinking about having them removed, but I just haven't been able to make myself do it. I understand that if they are external, they aren't as hard to remove, but it is still kind of intimidating.

If you have lots of blood, you might want to have the doctor look and make sure everything is okay.
Thanks for your reply Sunflower
I am in the same boat as you, I think I will have to bite the bullet and have something surgical done to remove them.

My friend had some a while back, his Doctor placed a band around them and they dropped off a week later. Mine are internal, they do bleed a lot, so I will mention this when I see my GP on Tuesday. I am also seeing my GI on Thursday of this week, so should hopefully get some help. I have enoughtrouble with the Crohn's, and this is just the icing on the cake!!!

I appreciate you taking time to share your experiences with me

My hemmroids don't bleed, so I can't help there. I use the hemoride wipes to clean after D, but they burn. My doctor suggested Desitin ointment that is used for diaper rash to protect the skin fron the bile acid when I'm having D. That has helped a lot.
Hey Tony, so how did it go about those big H's? Mine are definately the rubber band kind. I need to go in soon so I don't have to do the whole deductible thing again after the first of the year. I may have waited too long - buy my friend got in and got hers taken care of in a couple of days.

My dad had some internal ones removed and it was very painful for him afterwards. Maybe they can do the rubber band procedure on the internal ones now, too. His were cut and stitched, and as you can imagine, elimination was very painful for a while.
Hi there
Well, I saw the Doc, he was talking about having me in to get them injected with phenol, he said this will make them shrivel up & drop off!!
He seemed to think that this might be the best way of dealing with the buggers. Hope he's careful with what he's injecting, I do not want anything else to shrivel up & drop off
I was prescribed a foam enema by my last appointment and when I use it, it burns so badly I can't move for awhile afterward. I called the GI and she asked me if I have hemmorhoids. To tell you the truth, my stuff down there has been so messed up that I don't really know. I do know that there is an extra puffy thing that sometimes gets irritated, but is it possible to continue to have such a thing for 4 years? I remember having horrible hemmorhoids with my 2nd pregnancy, but by my 3rd when the crohns symptoms started, I was in such agony I practically lost feeling down there from all of the diahrhea. So I guess I'm asking how do you know when its a hemmorhoid or something else?
It sounds like that's what I have, but I rarely have pain and it bleeds just a bit. Since I've had it for such a long time, I wonder if ill need surgery to remove it. Another question to ask at my next GI appt.
Hi Snickerdoodle
Hopefully not, there are lots of ways to get rid of them, banding, Phenol injection so hopefully not too invasive!
I have both internal and external hemorrhoids. My GI said due to my Crohn's, banding isn't really an option for removal. He told me for my hemorrhoids, surgery is the only removal method he'd recommend. I've had appointments scheduled with my colon surgeon, but both times I chickened out and cancelled the appointments. I don't want more surgery unless necessary. I do find sitz baths help a lot. But I think I'm going to need surgery eventually, so I might as well get it over with, because they have been there for years and haven't gone away despite treatment with topical creams and such.
Whatever I got down there I've had since my last pregnancy. I don't even know what normal feels like anymore. Guess my GI is gonna have to handle the diagnoses. She did prescribe some anusol, but its like not doing anything except making me feel icky.
I have had hemorroids for a few years. No matter what I have tried to get rid of them, they will not leave me!
I have had not many issues with them, no pain, but going to bathroom can be uncomfy. I have another colonoscopy booked for next Tuesday, I should ask my GI about removal options. But, I do agree with Linda that surgery should be put off until necessary. If its been so long and no relief, surgery may be a good thing. I am curious if others have had hemorroid removal and remained free of them, or have they returned???
Had them for about 2 years now & they bleed like mad, surgery has been mentioned but my GP said that Hemorroids help with your continence so I'm nervous about having them removed. But they drive me mad with the pain & itching. I use Uniroid ointment but have only had limited success.
I know this post is a little old, but has anyone tried witch hazel? It really helps with the bleeding and itching. When mine was really bad I'd wet some tp with witch hazel and wrap it around my hemorrhoid. It helped a lot. The only way I'm gonna get rid of my external hemorrhoid is surgery unfortunately. I chickened out of surgery a few months ago and am still too afraid to go in.
Hi everyone,
I appear to have got the above. I get some pian from my anus when I try to pass a stool & there is a lot of fresh bright red blood in the toilet bowl & on the toilet paper.
Anyone ever had these, if so I would be keen to have your feedback on your experiences & how you resolved the issue.

Thanks a lot

Hello Tony,
You are suffering from internal hemorrhoids, it is not very painful but dangerous for health. So it is recommended to visit your family doctor or any specialist.

Rihana Disuza (Consultant)
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