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Hepitic c

Mmmm, hopefully someone with some medical experience can hop on here and give advice. I'm thinking if she has the knowledge of how to "be clean" with hep C, then she should be taking the precautions with washing her dishes at a certain temp in the dishwasher - as I'm guessing this would probably be your only possibility of contact? And I may be off on that - that may not be a worry either. My MIL contracted hep c through a blood transfusion many years ago - and they knew I was immunosuppressed - and my hubby (who is a doc) never was concerned about anything - so you probably shouldn't be either. And *please* don't feel bad about asking - it is in our best interest to figure all this stuff out and KNOW - no reason to add another thing you have to worry about!


Captain Insaneo
imisspopcorn said:
It is nothing to worry about unless you are exposed to a bodily fluid.
And to be exposed you have to have certain things happen as well.
In short you can only be exposed through broken skin, a mucus membrane, or from a needle stick.
There are immunizations available for Hep now. My son has Hep B, you have to take the usual precautions when dealing with his blood, gloves etc. But it is really nothing to be "afraid of".

If you are going to be around her alot you may want to ask your Dr if you should get the immunizations.

As I say "it isnt the ones that you know have hep, it is the ones that you dont know that you have to be careful of"
There is no immunization for Hep C. Only Hep A and Hep B.

You can get both in a combo vaccination now in a series of four shots. I just got the first three done and the fourth is a booster next year. Because of being on Humira and Metho my Dr. recommended it.