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Here we go my Crohn's life


I was diagnosed in Dec 2005, after a long fight with my GP (kept telling me it was IBS). I was put on Pred and az. I was so tired that my mum had to call me every morning to make sure that I was up and that my 2 boys were fed and dressed for school ( boys dad would be at work for 5am, too early to get up).

Over the next year I felt better and so I reduced and stopped all medications.

I was ok until 2008, this is when my marriage started to fail and I knew that I needed to end it. So that fateful day in July 2008, the day that I split up with my then husband I was admitted into hospital for 21 days. All the usual tests and meds to reduce inflamation. Luckily I didn't need a opp then, as I my body was being receptive to meds. And so I was discharged.

As I was so ill still my 2 boys were staying with their dad. and they are still with him 5 years later ( I hate it, but I have not and would not be able to look after them on my own as I was at the time unable to look after myself).

For a year I took my meds until I felt better again then I stopped. I have been okay. Well I have suffered with cramps and the runs almost on a daild basis, but I have just dealt with it, that is until May 2013.
I was in a work meeting for 5 hours, once it had ended and I left to go home up the M1 motorway, I started to get cramps like no other I have felt, well they were on a par with contractions. They were so bad that I almost pulled up on the motorway and called an ambulance, but as I was only 10 mins from home I carried on.
I got home and my husband was in, I was crying and doubled up in pain, he called a taxi to the hospital.
I went to A&E, the 1st nurse I saw said that it was my appendix, I told her that it was my Crohn's. I was finally admitted for 2 days, given pain meds and booked in for a barium meal. The BM showed that I had severe Crohn's of the terminal Illium.

On the 18/06/2013 I was booked in for a lap right sided hemicolectomy. This was changed to a open on the op table as the disease was more severe than anticipated. I was in for 6 days.

on the 16/07/2013 I went to GP with pain in the stomach area, GP thought that I had a infection. I was re admitted and stayed in for 6 days. I was started on 20mg of omeprazole, had a CT scan and was eventually discharged with no know cause for pain.

29th July I had 1st appt with GI Doc. He was fab, he thinks that I still have more Crohn's in the remainder of my large intestines that is causing my continuing bad runs and pain. He has booked my in for another colonoscopy on the 21st Aug, and im to have a capsule endoscopy after that. He also started me on 1000mg of Pentasa twice a day.

I have also been put on 50mg of Sertraline for depression which has go to the point that I have wanted to end it all.

So there you go, sorry its been long but I must say it has helped to put it down.