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Hernia what did I do wrong


You didn't do anything wrong to create your hernia. You could have accidentally pulled a muscle or the area around your stoma is weak. Is your hernia very painful? If its small and manageable sometimes people can live with them for years without doing anything about them. If they get out of hand you may need to speak with a surgeon, it is a relatively minor surgery generally.

I don't normally link to Wikipedia but when I read about hernias months back thinking I had one I found this page very detailed and helpful in understanding.
They are both small and I don't have any pain. I had a belt made with two openings about a year ago so both bags but at that time it was to help with leaks it was very uncomfortable so I didn't ware it. I think I might try again so they don't get worse. Uggggg Thank you for link.
I agree with noguts, you didn't necessarily do anything wrong. Sometimes it just happens. Just take it easy and make sure not to strain in any way with your abdominal muscles for now. Hopefully it will just be something you can live with and not have to worry too much about.


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I think with all the surgerys we go through its a wonder we have any abdominal muscles left at all. The main thing is to avoid heavy lifting and also strengthen abdominal muscles and your core muscles so they support each other. But you need to do that carefully. The following link might help:


Now I just have to follow my own advice.........


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In my opinion and experience, you should never leave a hernia alone until it gets to the point where it is a problem.
A hernia is a spot in the muscle that has become weakened or (in my case) becomes a hole. They can progress very quickly. Your bowels can become tangled in them, or in your case, maybe even your stoma, creating an obstruction and the possibility for emergent surgery. My advice is to consider getting it fixed sooner rather than later to avoid complications.
I have had 13 surgeries on my stomach because of a recurring hernia. The last surgery I had, I had to have my abdominal wall reconstructed by a plastic surgeon because I waited so long to get it fixed.
Edit: I wanted to share my story with you, or at least parts of it, it may help, and since you said you can't find threads on hernias...

These links are just a little of what I went through with my hernias.
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Afidz I understand your situation is unique but generally many can live with hernias that don't cause problems for years. Why opt for surgery when you can just create complications by doing so? I think as long as its evaluated and monitored and its not bothering the person, I am not a believer in rushing to have it removed. I have been living with a hernia in my abdomen for years. I was offered the option to remove it but doctor said I can just stick it out till things get worse, which may or may not occur.


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I disagree with that whole heartedly NGNG. By not fixing a hernia you risk more complications than you would by getting it fixed.
As for the hernia that pertains to this thread, I found a document about parastomal hernias, and from what I am reading, it can damage the functionality of the stoma.
"The extra bowel within the abdominal wall can make the functioning of the stoma
unpredictable, alternating between constipation and diarrhoea"

"As the bulge develops, the stoma can become reduced in the size or retracted (sunken
or within a dip in the abdominal wall)."
"A rare complication is where a section of intestine becomes trapped within the hernia.
This can lead to obstruction or strangulation. If this happens, emergency surgery is

"Some people complain of a dragging and dull ache around the
hernia, especially at the end of the day or when they have been
particularly active.
As the hernia increases in size, the shape of the stoma can
change making it difficult to attach a pouch which may cause
problems with leakage.
The surrounding skin can become tightly stretched and may
become quite fragile making it more susceptible to breaking
down or being torn when the pouch is removed.
A hernia may affect stoma irrigation. It can become more difficult or time-consuming
to introduce the water. The resulting output may be less satisfactory"

I stand by my opinion that hernias should never be left alone until they become problematic.


I'll stand by my position that this needs to be a decision made in conjunction with a doctor and patient. If a doctor feels that due to the stoma the risk is much higher that's one thing but along with myself have seen so many who have been advised that they can or cannot take action on hernias and hence my opinion on the matter.

Of course if there is pain, tenderness or any unusual symptoms action must be taken immediately.
The problem with having a stoma is that when a parastomal hernia develops, generally the only way to fix it is to first relocate the stoma and then fix the hernia. That is why many with stomas just carry on with the hernia unrepaired if they develop.
P in the B, it's not your fault. Any abdominal surgery can cause a hernia and stoma surgery runs a very high risk of ending up with a hernia at some point. You might give a belt of some sort another go.


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Afidz and Ngng you are both right - it just depends on the location of the hernia, the problems it may create by keeping it and the problems that may arise from correcting it. There are huge risks in keeping a parastomal hernia but repairing it could cause more problems. It is once again a decision that can only be undertaken in consultation with your doctor and depends on your individual situation.
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